What items should the new owner choose for the dog?

What items should the new owner choose for the dog?

Dog Maintenance

I often see this situation: the dog arrived at a new home and did not have a special basin, so the owner found a bowl and replaced it; there was no traction rope, so the dog was bored at home; there was no nest, so the owner found a place to shop. The clothes let the dog fall asleep. If your body and mind have been prepared for a pet dog, then do you also prepare some necessities for daily life? Maybe the following list can help you.

What items should the new owner choose for the dog?

Basin used in general families is made of stainless steel, plastic or ceramics. The owner needs to choose according to the habits of his dog. Stainless steel food basin is sturdy and durable, suitable for dogs who like to bite. And Yi cleaning is also the reason why it has been favored by many masters. There are many tricks and moderate prices, but if the dog is keen to bite, it is best not to use this kind of food basin, because once the slag is swallowed by the dog, it may cause esophageal damage. Ceramic pots are easy to break and use less. Pay attention to the stability of the basin, so that the dogs should not be easily overturned. Based on this, parents can choose to choose the food basin according to the characteristics of the dog.

In addition to dog feed special feeds, you can also add snacks appropriately, but do not feed foods with too much salt. When the dog arrives at a new home, the owner should first feed the same food as its original owner, and then slowly adjust and replace it. In addition, do not feed humans leftovers and leftovers, so that dogs can grow dogs healthily.

Most of the families with ordinary water bowls. Now there is a dog -specific travel cup, which is more suitable for the characteristics of dog drinking water. However, this kind of travel cup can be bought everywhere, and parents should pay more attention.

The must -have tool for walking dogs, connecting collars or chest straps. (How to choose the collar and chest straps?)

The bedrooms mentioned here are not the bedrooms of parents, but dogs. Dogs' bedrooms are not only in the form of dog cages. The kernels made on the market are designed according to different dogs. In the characteristics of dogs, parents choose a lot of space. In the bedroom, of course, there must be beds. The beds are not only to keep warm, but also maintain the cleanliness of the kernel nest. Buy two to three blankets for replacement.

In order to make the dogs be happy when no one is with, many parents will buy toys. In addition to the toys to help the dogs, parents can also use toys to make the dogs master some skills faster. There are many choices for toys. The basic choice principle is to pay attention to size and material to prevent accidental food.

Bathing supplies: Some parents will help the dogs take a bath at home. Because the grooming supplies required by each pet dog are not exactly the same, it is best to consult the pet store staff before buying.

Protective products: In order to protect the dog or not allow the dog to enter a certain area, parents can prepare a partition in advance.

Toilet: There are dog -specific toilets on the market. Interested parents may wish to try.