Analysis of Dog Walking Knowledge

Analysis of Dog Walking Knowledge

Before raising a dog, the owner must consider whether he really has time to take a dog to take a walk. Take a dog out for a walk not only to allow the dog to solve the problem of toilet outside, but also to ensure the daily exercise of the dog, but also the correct socialization of the dog. Don't think that you can take a walk out for a walk, just take them around, the knowledge of walking dogs is very big!

Why take a dog out for a walk? Do you really know as the master?

1. Basic knowledge of walking dogs
1. Why do dogs take a walk?
Walking can exercise the dog's body, ultraviolet rays in the sun, and can kill the bacteria and parasites on the dog At the same time, when walking out, it can be convenient for dogs to urinate. Walking the dog not only is good for the dog's body, but also let it learn how to deal with strangers and other dogs.
2. The time for walking the dog
The time of walking the dog must be regular. Two times and nights, before the breakfast in the morning at 7: 00-8: 00, after dinner at 10: 00-11: 00 in the evening, the small dogs take 20 minutes for 20 minutes, and the medium-sized dogs are enough for 40-60 minutes.
3. Place of walking dogs
It is best to choose where you are familiar with when walking dogs. The community garden (residential community) and small squares are good choices. The road is a more dangerous place. Not only the "agencies" and "hidden weapons" are also easily hit by cars. If there is a trend of fighting between the dogs, hurry up your dog.

Analysis of Dog Walking Knowledge
Take a dog out for a walk, please wear a traction rope to avoid the dog's enthusiasm. Can also stop dogs in time

Two, five tricks to make the dog obediently disobedient
1. Kneel beside the puppy sitting, grab the neck circle tightly, and express the delicious food to it with the other hand. Attract its attention at this time.
2. Put the food in front of the puppy's nose, order it to "keep up", while walking along the straight line. The smell of food will induce the puppy to keep up all the way. At this time, you should keep the hand that does not take things low, so as to catch the puppy's neck circle at any time to prevent it from going away. When you stop, you should order it to "wait."
3. Lower the food to prevent the puppy from jumping up, and then turn your knees to right. As the body rotates to move the food to you, repeat the command to "keep up", the puppy will immediately speed up to you to you to you Before you follow the food tightly.
4. When the puppy is still at your left end, order it to "stop", then put the food close to the puppy's mouth, and then move to the left. At this time, the puppy will follow. After each training is completed, the food award should be awarded to the puppy.
5. In the indoor training puppy, let it learn to follow the footsteps of the owner. When it learns to follow, it is a kind of enjoyment for you when walking outdoors for walking outdoors, not pain.

Clean up the dog in time to avoid trouble to others

Three, pay attention to dog walking dogs in the residential community
1. Avoid dogs and dogs
Dogs like to be close and played with others, and sometimes they will be intimate on those who are interested. Therefore, the owner should be bundled when walking the dog to avoid the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and children.
2. Timely stop the dog barking
If you want to have a good neighborhood relationship, it is necessary to prevent dog calls. If the dog can be quiet, you should praise it to let it know when it will be trained and when it will be praised.
3. Pay attention to cleaning feces.
After the dog has a stool in a public place, the owner applies the bag or paper prepared by the owner to throw it into the trash bin. It is best not to leave any traces. If there is a dog's public toilet in the community, you can train dogs to use public toilets.
4. Let the dogs play in a safe venue
You can choose a place where empty and no pedestrians can run and play with your partners. If there is a dog walking area in the community, a closed fence around it can prevent the dog from running out of the circle.
Of course, take the dog to go out and remember to take the traction rope. Do not let the dogs eat casually eating the ground. These are the problems that the editor repeatedly reiterated. Only from your own civilization can your dogs be more easily accepted.