Decompression for dogs, massage for dogs must be known.

Decompression for dogs, massage for dogs must be known.

I believe that as a master, you know that massage can not only help the dog relax and reduce pressure, but also find out whether the dog's health is different through stroking. In addition, it is also the best way to communicate with dogs with dogs. Essence So what do the owner need to pay attention to when massaging a dog? Xiaobian compiled some precautions for massage dogs, and the owners quickly learn.

Massage reduction for dogs is very popular now

1. Daily massage
Daily speaking for 10 minutes for your baby can make your dog be maintained properly.
Palm oil slowly touched the dog's whole body with a slap volume, full of emotions to all parts of the dog, including hair, skin, fat, muscles, and even bones. This additional "touching" can make the dog immediately realize that it is bathing in love. Soon you will find that although it takes some massage time, you will get more.
A few days later, you can clearly recognize the state of the dog's body in normal times. In the next daily routine massage, you can quickly find the physical changes of the dog, such as the temperature, touch, local swelling or muscle tightness, fur health decrease or skin tightness. Some signs may lead to more serious problems if they are not discovered early. They even need to see veterinarians, medication, or move to surgery. You can know what the dog is normal when it is normal, which can definitely help you provide better important information to your veterinarian. must remember! Normal massage is a way to increase pet vitality and quality of life.

Decompression for dogs, massage for dogs must be known.
Massage for dogs can also appease the dog's tension

Second, soothing tension dogs
When thunder makes your dog start sobbing, panting, hiding under the bed, what can you do to make it not so nervous?
This answer may be massage. Relax the nervous system in a similar way to touch. Gently flatten your palms flat on the dog's head or neck, gently touch the spine to touch the tail, and repeat it many times. If your dog likes such a massage method, you can gradually increase force. After the massage is completed, let one hand be placed below the dog's head and the other hand is under the pelvis. The corresponding part of the two parts should control the spinal nerve where the rest and relaxation of the body's reaction. This step is very helpful when your dog is nervous or scared because of trimming nails or vaccination, or when it is emotionally restless or uneasy.
Third, warm up for lively dogs
When you go out to do exercise, you may often hear people advise you that it is important to warm up exercise. In fact, lively dogs love competition, running, playing with the owner, or just working hard. They should also have a good warm -up exercise to avoid injuries. In the first few minutes, please touch your dog's entire body, gently rub the larger pieces of muscles (such as neck, shoulders, hips, and thighs) with your hands, gently squeeze the muscles and let go. This gesture is very much like kneading bread dough. Let your fingers cover each lower limb and squeeze gently, and then relax, so that step by step, let all the legs of the dog receive a warm -up massage. Apply more about the dog's entire body to stimulate nerves? Intersection , End this course of treatment.
Fourth, relieve joint stiffness and soreness
If you took the dog to the park for several hours on the weekend, and the mountain climbed all day on Sunday, then on Monday, then Dogs look less active!
Do dogs come out and drink water or refuse to play with you? Indeed, the dog consumes too much physical strength in the short term, or the dog is old, which will cause the dog's pain, joints, and muscle stiffness. If you want to help the dog alleviate the joint stiffness and soreness, please start touching the joint junction at the joint, organize the joints with warm joints, and then cover your hands on the joint coexistence of the joints to gently pressure.
You can cooperate with your breath or your own numbers to slowly build the frequency of massage and the rhythm of relaxation. Model -like movements can drive liquid flow in the muscles and release muscle tension in the joints. Do not suddenly apply force to the bone, but to soothe nerves with more massage. Remember that you often massage your pets in daily life can help prevent joint stiffness and pain, and help avoid arthritis. I still want to remind you again that massage can not replace veterinarians. If you have serious conditions, please ask your veterinarian to diagnose and treat.