How social is your dog?

How social is your dog?

Dogs should also be socialized.

The socialization of dogs refers to the process in which individuals gradually develop unique personalities in the process of interacting with society, and gradually adapt to social life through internalization and role knowledge learning. As we all know, the more socialized animals are, the smarter they are and the more complex problems they can deal with. So how socialized is your dog?

< strong > 1. Evaluation of dog socialization < /strong >

How social is your dog?

If your dog has any of the above situations, then you should pay attention to it. It may have socialization problems. You'd better take your dog for "socialization" learning.

< strong > second, how to socialize < /strong >

< strong>1. Get along with brothers and sisters < /strong >

Getting along with brothers and sisters can learn basic social skills, and research also shows that dogs who spend 4 weeks with brothers and sisters are more likely to socialize. If the dog has to be brought home early because of special circumstances, the owner should have more contact with the dog, and don't keep the dog in the room for a long time.

< strong>2. Leave your parents < /strong >

In fact, dogs have strong adaptability, and the biggest problem after leaving their parents is getting along with their new owners. When a dog makes a mistake, the owner can't treat the dog in the form of "violence". The most effective way is guidance, so that the dog learns quickly and won't have defensive psychology.

< strong>3. Sensitivity adaptation < /strong >

Dogs are very sensitive, especially to sounds. When the owner's dog is young, it should be trained deliberately, such as the sound of closing the door, the sound of the kitchen, the sound of the TV, the ringing of the telephone, and so on. Usually, the sensitive adaptability training is carried out by distraction or appeasement.

< strong>4. Go out of the house < /strong >

After the first vaccination, the dog can go out of the house. The outside world is wonderful, but the dog who goes out for the first time is also full of anxiety. When the owner takes the dog out of the house, he can constantly encourage them, and the time for going out will be changed from short to long, so that the dog can gradually adapt to the environment and human society. Reminder: After vaccination, the dog's physique is slightly poor, so the owner should pay attention to protection. If you still don't feel at ease, you can take your dog out after a week.

< strong>5. Get along with other dogs < /strong >

It is inevitable to get in touch with the same kind of dogs when going out. When dogs encounter some problems, the owners should not be overprotective, such as holding the dogs for a long time to prevent them from going to the ground, or taking them home directly. These are not conducive to the socialization development of dogs. Try to let the dog try to contact and communicate with other dogs by himself, and then intervene artificially when the owner finds bad signs.