Common problems of dog dyeing

Common problems of dog dyeing

There are many dogs' beauty projects. Some people are enthusiastic about dyeing dogs, making dogs look more beautiful and unique. So, what are the common problems with dog dyeing? The content of this article explains one by one.

Common problems of dog dyeing
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1. What kind of dogs are more suitable for dyeing?

Generally speaking, long -haired and light -colored dogs are more suitable for dyeing. The original hair color is lighter, and the dyeing will be obvious and more effective. Short -haired dogs are not suitable for dyeing. When it comes to the skin, the dyeing agent will be stained on the skin, and it will always hurt the dog's skin. Essence

Of course, dyeing is completely to satisfy the dog owner's pursuit of the appearance and personality of the dog. If your dog is dark and short hair, you also want it to turn it into a dog that can show your personality. It is also possible to discuss with the beautician in advance, combining your ideas with his professional suggestions to achieve your creativity.

2. Will dogs always lick the dyeing hair after dyeing, will it affect its health?

Dogs will be a little uncomfortable in the past few days, and they will habitually lick the hair. Given that the dog is color blindness, licking the hair after dyeing may be due to the smell of the dyeing agent. As the smell of the dyeing area becomes lighter and lighted so much. Because dogs were originally a animal that I didn't like to lick hair by themselves. In addition, the dyeing agent for pets is non -toxic, even if it licks, it will not cause harm to its health.

3. What if the dog feels unhappy?

Most dogs will not change their mood after dyeing. In case your dog feels that it becomes not beautiful and unhappy, it seems a bit depressed, not as lively as usual or too nervous. The day when I just finished dyeing, I was a bit normally thinking about it. After the dogs were dressed up, they must have been taking a bath, blowing, trimming, dyeing, and then blowing. If you are exhausted, you must go home and have to sleep. You will never be as excited as you have made a new hairstyle.

If it is still unhappy the next day and third day, then you have to care about it on the one hand. You have to praise and boast that it is different from before Naturally, I am happy to see its appetite, measure body temperature, and see if it is because they are a little uncomfortable to take a bath and cosmetic.

Fourth, do you have to be dyed for the dog?

Some people are worried that dyeing dogs is like dyeing hair. After dyeing a color, when the hair grows out of the hair, there will be a dividing line. It becomes ugly and will be dyed. In fact, the hair of the chromosome of such a dog continues to grow, and it will not form an obvious boundary line, so if you don't want to dye it anymore, it can be trimmed with the length of its color and new hair. In this way, the dyed hair can always insist on the beautiful appearance before it is not completely cut off.