What's the situation when dogs always click?

What's the situation when dogs always click?

General throat stuck foreign body dogs will not be willing to eat in water

When we hear our dog's throat often made a click, the first thing we must consider is whether there have been foods such as bones for the dogs, or whether the dog has taken us not paying attention, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no dogs are not paying attention. Be careful of swallowing plastic bags, thread groups and other foreign objects. The sound of the dog's throat may not be caused by swallowing the foreign body and stuck the throat. There is also a very common reason, that is, cough. Many owners will cause dogs to cough as swallowing foreign matter.

Covering foreign bodies and ordinary coughs is the main reason why the dog appears. So how do we confirm which situation is caused by?

1. caused by foreign bodies

If it is caused by swallowing foreign matter, the dog is likely to have anti -rumors. Because the dog's intestine is very sensitive, once there are foreign bodies, they will make this action to protect themselves. If the foreign body is stuck in the throat, the dog will make a click, trying to highlight the foreign body. It is worth noting that if it is really caused by a foreign body card, then generally dogs will not want to eat and drink water. Because the swallowing movement makes the dog feel uncomfortable, they will naturally resist this action and stop eating into the water. Therefore, if a dog is still willing to eat water, it is usually not caused by swallowing foreign matter.

What's the situation when dogs always click?
If it is a puppy, it is best to pay more attention to the dog

2. Cough

If it is caused by foreign bodies, this phenomenon is mostly just a dog cough. This situation is more likely to happen in the puppy's body, and it sounds like a foreign body stuck in the throat. If it is caused by cough, you can send the dog to the hospital to take a pinch cough. If the dog is very young, and there are other bad reactions such as poor mental and poor appetite, then it is best to do it for the dog. Infectious disease testing is quite not worthy of noticeable to cough even for puppies. If it is a puppy with a vaccine, it can be treated according to ordinary cough for the time being. You can feed the appropriate amount of Banlangen. For a few days in a row, you should slowly improve it, but it is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed judgment.