Health care treatment of dog hip joint diseases

Health care treatment of dog hip joint diseases

Health care treatment of dog hip joint diseases
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The symptoms of hip joint development have a large range of symptoms, and the severe dogs with mild symptoms are almost as normal dogs, while severe cases are not bad. Therefore, CHD's treatment and health care should be dependent on clinical symptoms. Different medical and health considerations are done according to the degree. In X -rays, there are severe degenerative arthritis dogs in X -rays. Only for health care.

CHD's health care principles are as follows:

First, strictly control weight, avoid excessive weight and increase joint load. The weight standard is to measure the ribs and intestinal bone wings easily;

Second, limit the actions of the dog, avoid intense exercise such as running and jumping;

3. Avoid running, lying or going up and down the stairs on hard ground;

Fourth, the places where the dogs lying or sleeping are covered with comfortable and warm cushions, and high friction flooring (recommended "anti -slip pads") in the activity space to facilitate the dog's easy to climb and walk;

Fifth, maintaining an appropriate amount of activity can make the muscles strongly and maintain joint lubrication, such as short -distance walking, and swimming is a good exercise;

6. Once you are diagnosed with CHD, don't supplement the dogs to supplement calcium;

Seven, moderate massage.

Those with mild CHD symptoms need to strictly control weight and avoid intense exercise. In addition to the above -mentioned health care principles, doctors will also treat pain or anti -inflammatory prescriptions.

In addition, in order to promote the production of joints of the joints, it is also recommended to give the dog's health food for the dogs or Shark Cartilage. However, these are not health products without disease. Before eating, let's evaluate more! In order to avoid the degenerative joints of the dog in his later years, even Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage could not help him. The dosage of this health product should be more and more important.