On the breeding method of knight king Charles hound

On the breeding method of knight king Charles hound

On the breeding method of knight king Charles hound
Knight Charles Hound

Knight King Charles Hound is a lively, brave, energetic hound that tracks the scent. It is very gentle, doesn't like to be alone, and can't stand the cold and humidity. It is an attractive companion dog. It has a good sense of smell and vision, and can be used for hunting in open or low places. Generally, dog owners don't cut the tail of the dog. So how should we maintain it?

< strong> About < /strong> Feeding < /strong> :

In the feed of King Charles dogs, there should be a proper amount of meat every day. According to the size of the body, 120-250g should be fed, plus the same amount of dry vegetarian food or biscuits. The meat must be cooked, chopped, mixed with dry ingredients or biscuits and then fed. You can also mix cooked and chopped meat with edible chocolate as feeding feed.

Cookies should be sugar-free. Too sweet food can damage teeth. In addition to feed, a proper amount of clean drinking water should be fed every day. The troughs and basins for feeding and drinking water should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Especially in summer, special attention should be paid to the freshness of feed, the cleanliness of drinking water and tableware, so as to prevent people from being infected by unclean food and getting sick.

< strong> About hair care: < /strong >

To raise King Charles dog, keep its coat clean and beautiful, and brush it with a brush or comb every day. If dirt and dust stick on the hair, it will not only destroy the beauty, but also be unsanitary.

At the same time of grooming, the whiskers and excessive hairs around the dog's head and facial features should also be properly trimmed, and the dog's teeth should be cleaned frequently to remove tartar. Every once in a while, it should also trim the claw nails on its feet.

< strong > about training: < /strong >

Charles Dog is intelligent by nature and easy to learn to do all kinds of movements. Usually, it can be trained more and taught to send shoes, newspapers and other things to its owners. This dog loves activities very much, so we should consciously give it a certain amount of exercise every day, especially when the owner goes out shopping or visiting friends, he can take him out for a walk.

< strong > about sanitation: < /strong >

In the hot season, it should be bathed every 3-5 days. If conditions permit, it should also be dried with a hair dryer after bathing. If there is no such equipment, it can be sucked with a dry towel or cloth. When taking him out for a walk, if he is wet by his hair in a shower, he should immediately use a towel to absorb water for him when he comes home, otherwise he will easily catch a cold or suffer from other diseases.

In other cool seasons, you should also take a bath every 3-4 weeks. When you take a bath for it, you can also wash your eyes with salt water to prevent eye diseases. This dog is suitable for keeping indoors, so the kennel should be cleaned frequently and kept clean.