Basis of feeding and management of Maltese dogs

Basis of feeding and management of Maltese dogs

Basis of feeding and management of Maltese dogs
Malzis dog (detail introduction)

In the feed of the Malzis dog, meat is needed every day. The smallest requires about 180 grams, and the larger one needs 200-250 grams. The meat should be cooked with a small amount of water and then cut into small pieces, and then add an equal amount of vegetarian ingredients or biscuits without or less sugar, mix well with water, divide it into two morning and evening feeding, and give some fresh water drinking water. Essence

The owner is better for the old man to raise this dog, because it requires more time to take care, such as bathing, sorting the hair, trimming toes, removing dirt, etc., it takes a certain amount of time.

When feeding food, you must master the weight. If the food supplied is too much, it will cause it to gain weight, become dumb and lose its lively and flexible advantages. In life, neither can it be made to be arrogant, nor can it be excessive indulgence, otherwise, it will develop a bad habit of unwillingness to the owner.

The Malzus dog (detail introduction) is more likely, so you should let it move in the courtyard every day, or take it to the street or take a walk in the park. Normal appetite.

The Malzis dog is a white and snowy dog. To keep its hair white and smooth, it must be sorted out for it. Because it is full of hair, it must be sorted out. The method is: Before combing, spray the conditioner or hair washing agent, and then use a comb or soft brush to brush from top to bottom. As long as it is combed every day, it can keep its hair smooth and soft, not chaotic, white and clean, and beautiful.

In addition to the above dry cleaning, it is also necessary to make regular wet washing. After every wet washing, use dry towels to suck water, and then blow dry with hair dryers. Sworing while blowing. As for how long it is to wash, it depends on the season and the depression. In principle, the cool time of the sky can be longer; the hot time is shorter, and it must be washed once every 3-5 days.

For dog's toes, you need to trim regularly, otherwise it will hurt people's flesh and damaged people's clothing.

In the high temperature season, in addition to bathing mostly, pay more attention to the cleaning of the dog's ears. Before taking a wet bath, remove the earwax first, and use disinfection and skimmed cotton to remove the ear canal and the ear canal and the ear around the ear and the ear. Dirt, but pay attention to the cotton balls should not bring water, strictly prevent water from staying in the ear. Before taking a bath, you must use a cotton ball to stuff the dog's ear canal to avoid water from entering. Because this dog is prone to otitis media in summer.

Usually pay attention to observing the mental state of dogs, if you are not mentally poor, you may be sick. Pay attention to whether the dog's nasal pads are dry and fever; whether there is a phenomenon of stools; whether the appetite is decreased, and if the appetite is not good, it is likely to suffer from a digestive system. Once the above abnormal situation is found, the reason should be found in time and targeted measures are taken to be treated; if the condition is severe, the veterinarian should be asked to diagnose and treat it early.