Characteristics of Collie Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of Collie Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of Collie Shepherd Dog
Keli Shepherd Dog

The Keli Shepherd is a flexible, strong, positive and lively variety. When standing naturally, it is neat and stable. Deep and moderate -wide breasts show strength, tilted scapula and moderate bending flying joints show speed and elegance, and the face shows very high IQ. The impression of Kelle is the incarnation of self -confidence and representing the true harmony. Each part is perfect and harmonious with other parts and the overall structure.

head outline

The head is composed of a flat head, arched eyebrows, slight stops, and round tones. Therefore, the forehead must be clear, leaving the location of the eye socket can only be slightly tilted, so as to have a better front vision.

body and gait

The neck is stable, neat, muscular, and a lot of hair. The length is appropriate, holding upright upward, the back of the neck is slightly round, showing pride, and the upright posture can better display the hair.

The body is stable, solid, and muscular. In terms of proportion, the body length is slightly greater than the height. The ribs are well expanded. After a moderate tilting scapula, the chest is deep and the depth reaches the elbow. The back is strong and horizontal, supported by powerful buttocks and thighs, and the hips are tilted to form a beautiful and perfect arc shape. The waist is powerful and arched. Excessive obesity, lack of muscle, skin diseases, lack of bottom hair due to poor health conditions, are defective and proper punishment.

Straight forelimbs, muscles, sufficient bone mass, and coordination with overall. Should not look bulky. The forelimb distance is too close or too far. The forearm is full of plump, while the bone is flexible but not weak.

The hind legs are not so plump, the thigh muscles are developed and very powerful, and the flying festivals and knee joints are moderately tilted. The bull limb or the rear knee joint is a defect. The feet claws are quite small and ovate. The foot pads are thick and tough, and the toes are round and tight. When the Keli dog is not exercised, he allows him to form a shape (standing in a natural posture, separates the front and back limbs, and the feet claws are straight forward). But excessive "swinging" is unreasonable.

Solid foot gait. When the dog runs slowly and comes to the referee, you can observe that the forelimb is straight, and the felling point of the feet on the ground is very close. The elbow does not turn out, there is no "cross" step, there is no ups and downs, no pace, and no rolling gait. When observing from the back, the hind legs are straight, and the felling point of the foot on the ground is very close. When running at a medium speed, the hind legs provide a strong driving force. Observation from the side, the steaming is large, the stretching of the forelimbs is smooth and smooth, which keeps the back line horizontally and stable.

When the speed increases, the footprint of the Keli dog tends to be a single track, that is, the forelimbs began to be a straight line from the shoulder and tilted towards the center of the body; As a shepherd, it is required to change the speed in the gait and be able to change the direction in almost instantly.

Tail and Mao

The length of the tail is moderate and can extend to the flying festival or lower. When he was resting, his tail drooped, but the tip of the tail was twisted upward or vortex was the characteristic of this variety. When the dog is excited, the tail lifts up happily, but it should not be higher than the back plane.

Mao color and body shape standard

There are four colors that are recognized, and they are: yellow and white, three colors, stones, and white. There are no differences in the four colors.

"Yellow and White" is mainly yellow (camel, from light gold to dark peach wood color), with white markings. White markings mainly appear in the chest, neck, legs, feet claws, tip tips, etc. The forehead and head may have white tendons (both or only one place).

"Three -color" is the main color of black, with white spotted patterns like yellow and white, and has tea brown shadows on the head and legs.

"Yun Stone Color" is a mixed color or marble color. It is usually blue -gray and black as the main color. It is like yellow and white with white spots, usually with three -color tea brown shadows. "White" is mainly white, and it is best to have yellow, three -color or luster pattern.

The male dog shoulder height is about 24 ~ 26 inches, and weighs about 60 to 75 pounds.

The height of the female dog should be about 22 to 24 inches and weighs about 50 to 65 pounds. The Kelle dogs with height or weight or inadequate standards will be deducted according to the degree of departure.

The criteria for judging the short -haired -type Cole dog are exactly the same as the coarse -type Cole dog, except for the requirements of the hairy judgment. The short hair type is short, hard, thick, and flattened, and the texture is good; the bottom hair is very generous.


Emoticons are one of the most important indicators to evaluate Keli dogs. The expression is difficult to use abstract vocabulary, and it is very academically described. Unlike specific physical characteristics such as color, weight, height, it is difficult to express with graphics. However, the proportion, location, size, shape, color, location, size of the eyes, the direction of the ears can still be described. The emotions expressed in expressions may be completely different from other varieties. Therefore, the expression of Cleho cannot be accurately judged so far and needs to be treated with caution.