How to train dogs to be obedient.

How to train dogs to be obedient.

How to train dogs to be obedient.

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1. Poo training

Dogs usually want to pee after eating or when they just wake up.

2. Sit down, handshake, tumbling exercises

The best time to train your dog to sit down these most basic actions is before each meal.

3. Prevent dogs from biting things

When a dog grows teeth as a child, the teeth will be itchy and want to grind, so it is best to buy a tooth grinding toy for the dog.

4. Don't eat indiscriminatelyFood

Dogs who are not sensible will pick up things on the street to eat or eat food given by strangers. This habit is very bad.

To train a dog to refuse food from others, first let it sit down quietly to show its obedience.

5. Training to stop barking

Dogs don't have many ways of expressing themselves, and generally they can only tell their owners by barking.

6. Training for going out for a walk

The owners love to take their dogs out for a walk. Of course, the dogs also love to go out to play. They feel that they can have fun as soon as they go out.