Several skills of dog training

Several skills of dog training

Several skills of dog training
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< strong> 1. training opportunity < /strong> selection < /strong >

To train dogs to be obedient, you should choose to train them when they are conscious. This will have a better effect and won't cause the dogs to get bored. Generally speaking, the best training time is after the dog wakes up and eats.

< strong> 2. The gestures and language used in training should be consistent < /strong >

At the beginning of dog training, it is important to note that the action language must be consistent, which is conducive to the dog's understanding and memory, and forms inertia reaction.

< strong> 3. Reward dogs < /strong >

Before training a dog, you should choose the appropriate prize, and give a little reward whenever the dog reacts correctly, so that the dog not only knows that it is beneficial for him to do so, but also knows what the owner requires.

< strong>4. The training method should be gradual < /strong >

Dogs' IQ is far inferior to that of human beings, so start with the simplest training. For example, at the beginning, you can train dogs to pay attention to you, then train dogs to come over, then sit down and so on. Don't train your dog to climb stairs, jump the fire circle and other difficult movements from the beginning.

< strong> 5. training time < /strong> grasp it well < /strong >

Training time for puppies is 1-2 minutes. The older you are, the longer the training time can be, but it's better not to exceed 15 minutes, or the dog will get tired easily.

< strong> 6. Training methods should be interesting and vivid < /strong >

When training dogs, we should play games. Trainers need not be too tough and strict, but should treat them gently, so that dogs can feel happy when training.

The skills you need to master in dog training are about the above points. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to train a dog as long as you have perseverance, and the training process will be relaxed and pleasant, so don't be too hasty. Believe that you will get something with your efforts.