How can Huskies learn to stay at home alone?

How can Huskies learn to stay at home alone?

Because the owner has daily work, overtime and entertainment, it is impossible to be with Husky (details) all day. As the owner, you may feel guilty for leaving the lively and lovely husky alone at home, or you may worry that it bites things, or barks and whimpers because of its loneliness, which will affect the neighbors.

If you go home and find that the house is in a mess, with urine and feces everywhere, will you get angry with it or beat it up? If these phenomena appear, it shows that Huskies haven't learned to be alone yet. You might as well try the following methods to relieve loneliness and loneliness and learn to stay at home alone.

How can Huskies learn to stay at home alone?
Husky (introduction to details)

< strong > gentle communication < /strong>

Scientists believe that although many animals have higher IQ than Huskies, no other animal can surpass Huskies in understanding people's words and deeds, expressions and even emotions. Therefore, communication with Huskies is not only necessary but also effective.

Before going out, you have to kindly tell him where you are going, ask him to wait at home, and tell him that you will take him out to play when you come back, and there will be something delicious to reward him. If possible, leave some delicious snacks for it, or rub Husky's favorite food on toy bones or dog's chewing gum. Huskies who are good at understanding human beings will get a lot of comfort from communication.

< strong > self-confidence training method < /strong >

Huskies with strong self-confidence are not prone to anxiety. You might as well play more games with Husky at ordinary times, fully praise and praise its excellent performance in the game, and enhance its self-confidence.

< strong > slow separation method < /strong >

Give it a snack, then leave for a few minutes and come back. Although it's only a short separation, Huskies will still jump for joy, as if they were reunited after a long separation. After that, gradually lengthen the separation time and leave the house many times in one day until Husky is too lazy to pay attention to your coming and going and is not affected by the separation.

< strong > excessive < /strong> exercise < /strong> method < /strong >

Before going out, you can take Husky outdoors for exercise, so that it will consume too much physical strength. In this way, Huskies will be tired when they get home, hoping to fall asleep.

< strong > attention diversion method < /strong >

You can give it an old dress or socks covered with your smell. The familiar smell will make it feel that you are still with it, and it will feel safe. Often provide Husky with some fun toys, so that it can concentrate on playing, shift its uneasy mood and forget its loneliness. Toys that can make noise are very good.

In short, communicating with Husky frequently, sharing your feelings with him, encouraging him and praising him will help to cultivate a harmonious and intimate relationship between you, promote his physical and mental health, and make him fully enjoy the fun of being alone at home.