Channel sharing of purchasing healthy pet dogs

Channel sharing of purchasing healthy pet dogs

Channel sharing of purchasing healthy pet dogs
Pet dog

It can make your dog raising your career easily. Once the conditions of puppy are allowed, it is urgent to get a puppy's desire. Those who dream of dreaming are all the cute little things at home. At this time, what dogs are super cute. When I hear someone say that I can send you or sell it to you at a low price, I will often be excited and bring the puppy home. Don't do this!

Before deciding to buy dogs, we must pay attention to market research before deciding. Do not buy it first.

Let's go to the pet market and let yourself understand the current market. Beijing's official park pet market, some pet shops or dog markets in Tongxian can go to see it. But just understand it, don't buy it (preferably don't bring money,: D). Because on the one hand, buying dogs also requires three companies like buying other objects. On the other hand, some merchants are just puppies' second -road vendors. They buy it and sell them. They cannot guarantee the health of the dog. The purpose of your going to the market is to understand what kind of dogs can be bought in the market now, contact the dog to see which kind of dogs you and dogs are fate, and then understand the market (some are very low prices. Sex, the price of pet shops with serious door faces is more reliable).

To understand where you can buy dogs through more channels, to understand the information of dog houses (dogs) and dog fields.

To buy a few issues of pet magazines, there are a lot of supply and demand information in the current magazines. You can find a lot of contact calls and addresses in the magazine. Essence Be sure to find a few more, and then go to the dog club for inspection. The advantage of buying dogs in the dog club is that there is a guarantee of comparison. There is room for choice. The puppy's immunity is also more formal. The disadvantage is that the price may be more expensive, because some of them have some money on the advertising fee. Of course, you have to earn it in the dog's buying and selling. It is worth mentioning that the dogs of the dog club are also separated by their own breeding and introduced from the outside. It is best to buy the dog club to breed. If the dog you want is not in this dog club, then find another family, don't let the people of this dog club help you find a kind of dog without a dog, because this kind of dogs that the customers are requested to find ensure. A few of my friends have similar experiences: the people of the dog club enthusiastically help you find a dog you want, but you have died for a long time because of different reasons. This lesson is painful. It is a trivial matter to lose money. Seeing that your baby is about to die, but there is no way to save it. This inner suffering is very painful.

String out the pet forum and listen to what the people say.

In the age of how developed the Internet, it is really easy to find information about buying dogs or raising dogs online. Join one or two popular dog forums, dive diving or chat with dog parents, to understand the characteristics of different types of dogs, and the problems of feeding will allow you to have a lot of gains when preparing to raise dogs. Essence In addition, finding some friends on the forum to breed the puppy is also a good way, which is cheaper and healthier than buying dogs in dog houses. I personally think that my own breeding (not a family that breeds a dog at home and then sells) is better than dogs that come out of the dog field, because they have always been in love and have a closer relationship with people.

Being a caring person, adopting rescued dogs.

If you don't care about the breed of dogs, then "adoption" is a way to have goodness to society. There are a lot of dogs who are abandoned now. Some of them are rescued by animals who love animals, cured the disease, and are very healthy waiting for those who like dogs to give them a home. When you go online, you will find a group of people who love animals, and there are many dogs who are rescued by them and are unable to raise them. Most of them now live in pet hospitals or some kind people's homes. It is not a good way to adopt a one. Why do they have to buy dogs? right.

Little Dingxun

You can get dogs through many ways. It is roughly divided into: 1 Market (pet shop dog vending dog field) is not recommended. 2 Adoption and rescue (stray dogs through pet forums), please carefully select 3 relatives and friends to support (family breeding) recommendation.