Know the type of dog that suits you before choosing one.

Know the type of dog that suits you before choosing one.

Know the type of dog that suits you before choosing one.
Husky (detail introduction)

The following content helps you make a decision? If you decide, you can step into the ranks of the dog owner.

1. Puppy or big dog?

The "big and small" here refers to the difference between dogs. Puppy is easier to tame, and soon build a deep relationship with the owner. But the puppy has poor ability to take care of themselves, and it is very dependent on people. For a period of time, the owner needs to take care of it. You have to give it more time and energy for it. But when the dog grows up, you are the status of "dad" or "mother" in its heart. At the same time, the dog is taking care of it with one hand. Its status in your mind will be like your child.

The relationship between the big dog and you is a friend -like friendship, it does not need to take care of too much. But if the big dog has a deep relationship with its original owner, you will run back to the original home when you don't pay attention. However, some big dogs' original living environment is not good, and they are always beaten when they are not full. If you treat it very well, it will often repay you with the biggest loyalty.

Please note that if it is a puppy, it is best to hold it when it is two months old.

2. Baggers or bitches?

From the appearance, the difference between the bitch and the male dog is just a little smaller.

From the dog, the bitch is more obedient and tame. The bitch is about twice a year, which means that at least half a year can have a nest of puppy. After the bitch after giving birth to a puppy, the body began to change, and the dogs were more and not beautiful. The male dog is more naughty and active, but the body shape and hair color can be maintained for a long time. After the age of one year old (some large dogs want to be a little later), they will be attentive to the bitch dogs regardless of the occasion. If you like quiet, you can raise a bitch and dog. You can still see the birth of a puppy.

3. What kind of dog -like dog?

Dogs are divided into small, medium, and large. The representative of the little dog is our common Beijing Habagat (Beijing Eight); the representative of the medium -sized dog is Saabi; the representative of the large dog is a black back. It is also a big expenditure to decide what dogs should be raised from your living conditions. In addition, large dogs should eat several times more feed. But no matter what dog you raise, don't forget to take it to run to the open air every day.

4. Raising a dog or a short -haired dog?

Long -haired dogs are very beautiful, but they have to sort out and clean every day. As soon as they take a shower, they will become a little mud monkey again. And from all corners of the house, dogs will appear in all corners, which are not suitable for people who like clean. Short -haired dogs do not have the shortcomings above, and it is easy to dry after taking a bath. The opportunity of a cold is larger than long hair dogs. However, short -haired dogs are more afraid of cold, and some short -haired dogs (such as sandpie) have too many wrinkles, which are prone to severe skin diseases.