What problems should you pay attention to when walking your dog in the community?

What problems should you pay attention to when walking your dog in the community?

walk the dog

As a competent dog owner, the first thing to do every day is to take the dog for a walk and teach the dog to urinate outdoors, but do you have the same problem as me, every time you go out, the dog will pull

1. Preparations before walking the dog

Needless to say, take a leash, take a garbage bag, take your dog, and you can go out!

What problems should you pay attention to when walking your dog in the community?

Walking the dog

2. Dogs in the community should be prevented from excessive behavior in time

1. Stop the dog's jumping behavior in time.

2. Stop the dog barking constantly.

3. Be sure to let the dog play in a safe place, This can avoid many accidents.

Tow rope

3. Questions about the traction rope

I have to take out the problem of the leash and talk about it separately. I have a deep understanding of it because I own a dog. If I go out without a leash, it may be fine for a dog who is more obedient and will follow its owner at any time, but if

1. Well-behaved dogs also go crazy when, in case of sudden noises, it is difficult to guarantee that the dog will not be frightened, and a leash should also be used for the safety of the dog.

2. Not everyone likes your dog, some people don't like dogs, and maybe they are afraid of dogs. At this time, they will be very nervous when they see an unrestrained dog.

3. RestrousDogs are difficult to control, and they are particularly enthusiastic and excited when they see other dogs in estrus

Walking the dog

Fourth, about some mistakes that owners are prone to make when walking their dogs

1. Take the dog for a walk every day at a fixed time

Of course, for busy office workers, taking a dog for a walk with limited free time is already amazing.

Therefore, in order to avoid the above evil consequences, it is recommended that you do not have a fixed time for walking your dog. No matter what time you go out, the owner has the final say, and the dog must cooperate. Even if you don’t go out for a walk for a day, the dog must stay honest.

2. Walking the dog is for defecation

To be honest, the primary purpose of many people walking their dog is to let the dog defecate outside, so as to keep the house clean.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate defecation and walking, and let the dog know that it is two different things.

3. The dog pulls the owner to run

For the owner who has just raised a dog, it may be exciting to be dragged and run with the dog out of the house, but after a long time, he will find that it is a bit overwhelming. This is completely because the dog is walking people! At this time

Therefore, when walking the dog, the owner must be in a dominant position, and the dog must accompany the owner on the left side.

4. Let the dog "mark" everywhere

Dogs, especially male dogs, will keep marking when outside, on haystacks, fire hydrants, and seem to never finish peeing.

In order to benefit the dog's training, in the process of walking, the owner must control the dominance and put an end to the dog's indiscriminate marking behavior.

The last thing to say is, please pay attention to all dog owners, we have the final say about the dog, not the dog! I hope this article will be helpful to all dog owners!