It's not a toy, but the precautions for daily dog cuddling.

It's not a toy, but the precautions for daily dog cuddling.

The owners of small dogs in the family must like to play with the dogs. Many owners like to hold the dog like the dog. They feel that a very special posture is very fun and cute. But dogs are not toys. Do you know that incorrect hugging the dog will cause potential diseases of dogs. Here I will tell you how to take the dog with a dog with a dog with different body types of dogs.

The right dog posture is very important

I. Different body dogs holding method
1. The correct posture of holding a small dog
You need to put two hands on your hands, one hand to hold the puppy's chest, and then the other one Hold your hips. Note that when holding the dog's chest, your fingers should be separated, and your fingers are pinched with the puppy's two front legs, and the puppy is clamped with two arms. This will make pet dogs more secure and feel more comfortable and warm.
2. Holding a medium -sized dog in the correct posture
Bending a arm with a hug, then let the dog sit on the arm, and then surround it with another arm, keep the dog steadily, let it let it be Feel safety and comfort.
3. Holding a large dog in the correct posture
If you must hug large dogs, then do not hold the abdomen when you hold it, let the four legs hang out, it will feel very disturbed. We can use our arms to hold their four legs around, hold on its thighs, prevent the dog from struggling too much and then pick it up.

It's not a toy, but the precautions for daily dog cuddling.
Incorrectly holding a dog's posture can easily cause the potential disease of the dog

2. Different situations Dog Holding
1. Pick up the dog from the owner
If the dog cooperates, you can hold the dog directly from the host's arms. If the dog does not cooperate, you can let the owner hand it to you without comparing with the dog. If it is a puppy, you can grab the dog's back and neck with one hand, hold the dog's abdomen, and hold the dog into your arms.
2. Hold out the dog out of the cage
After opening the cage door, stretch out a fist, slowly reach in front of the dog, and let the dog smell your hand without attacking. The dog was pulled out and hugged to his arms. After opening the cage door, if the dog is aggressive, don't reach out to pull it. Instead, take a dog rope to make a living set and slowly pull the dog out.
Three, the wrong way to hold the dog
1. Go to pull the dog's front leg
Puppy with a bad temper will attack people's hands, even if they To endure this method, there may also be a risk of fracture or dislocation of forelimbs. Therefore, remember that when holding a puppy, do not let them use the forefoot to support the entire gravity of the body.
2. Pick up the puppy on the shoulders.
The puppy has the desire to dominate. When you put it on your shoulders, the desire of the puppy's dominance is quietly grown in virtual. In addition, putting the puppy on the shoulder will make it a strong sense of dependence. If one day, if you can rely on it, it will become uneasy. Therefore, try not to carry the puppy on your shoulders, no matter how much you love it.
3. Staying on the legs around the world.
Sometimes, the owner will turn them down when the puppy is playing justly, press on his legs to let the dog look at the sky, do so Although it can enhance your ability to dominate your dog and make your dog more subtly submit to you, it is very dangerous to put this movement on your leg.