Full Analysis of Dog Wearing Shoes

Full Analysis of Dog Wearing Shoes

Many owners will feel that when they take a dog out to play, the hair is easy to dirty. When they go home, they need to clean their claws. The dogs walk with four feet and are full of hair, so it is particularly troublesome to clean up. So wearing small shoes for dogs became the first choice of the owner. Now there are a lot of controversy in dogs wearing shoes. Xiaobian will analyze the benefits and disadvantages of dogs to wear shoes for parents. Essence

More and more owners choose to wear shoes when they go out

First, the benefits of wearing shoes for dogs
1. Make protection of the indoor cleaning of the paws
You don't need to talk about this. When we put on shoes when we are outer doors, and take off the shoes when you enter the door, you can ensure that the dog's small paws do not bring the dirty organs outside to home.
2. Do not have to wash your feet every day.
Generally, dogs that need to go home to wash your feet are long -haired dogs, but after the long hair is washed, the hair cannot be completely dry at once. It's easy to have problems.
3. Snow Dogs must be worn.
If you live in a snowy area, rough salt as a snow melting agent, we look at a pile of snow and can not see the thick salt inside, but the dog Walking on it, coarse salt grains will be sandwiched in the middle of its paws, and it will giggle again when it walks.

Full Analysis of Dog Wearing Shoes
Dogs and dogs are good for disadvantages, parents need to consider carefully

2. Disadvantages to wear shoes for dogs
1. Wear shoes for a long time, and dog claws will deform.
After dogs put on shoes, the friction of the soles is smaller than the claws touch the ground. There are many, so that the dogs are easy to fall when jumping up. In order to grasp the stability, the paws will be opened. Over time, the claws will be deformed and it becomes ugly.
2. Wear shoes for a long time, and the hip bone will deform.
In order to maintain balance, the dog is lost after wearing the shoes, so this function will be lost, so you will work hard to balance yourself with the hip, so,,,,, so,, so,, so, it will use the hip to balance themselves. Over time, the hip bone will expand and deform on both sides.
3. Affecting dogs, stretching and action
Dogs wearing shoes will still affect the movement of the dog's feet. The dog's claws cannot stretch freely in the shoes; Not natural friction.
4. Dog -specific shoes, stuffy and breathable
In order to allow dogs for dogs to be strong, generally use leather or imitation leather texture, in order to prevent falling off the shoes tightly wrapped on the dog's feet, , Make the shoes quite impermeable and hot.

There are more and more styles of dog shoes

Three, DIY help dogs make love shoes
STEP 1 Preparation Material: Materials for making dog shoes include fabrics, leather, drawing pens. Recommended luminous fabrics. The leather is used to make the sole, so it should be thick. As for whether it is leather or artificial leather, it is actually not much different.
STEP 2 cutting fabric: Four ellipses are cut out of the fabric and leather, respectively. The fabric is cut out of 4 rectangles, and the length and width of the oval middle shaft are 2cm larger than the dog's feet size. The width of the rectangular shape is the height of the shoes, and the length is enclosed. It should be large or small when cutting.
STEP 3 suture fabric: The cutting fabric and leather are assembled and sutured according to the shoe. I believe everyone will do it. When it is suture Don't fight against it!
Step 4 last produced: Finally, turn the shoes from the inside out, and the shoe looks like. Of course, stretch the shoes on the side and stitch the lace. If you are a novice, you can try a pair of paper shoes first. If you are proficient, use the cloth to do it.
4. Children's shoes perfectly transform dog shoes
1. Children's shoes and socks are worn for children around the age of two. Because children's shoes and socks are both socks and shoes. When walking on the ground, it has a good waterproof and moisturizing effect. It's so perfect to wear it on snowy days!
2. According to the dog's walking habits, the front legs are throwing away, so the front legs and socks can easily let it throw it down. Prepare two rubber bands according to the thickness of the dog's legs. No problem.
3. Although the leather back of children's shoes and socks can be somewhat slippery when walking on the snow, it is still a bit slippery when walking on the snow. You should be lighter when you pull the dog's pull rope Child, don't be too sudden.
4. You can buy 8 (four pairs) children's shoes and socks. When I walked back every day, I put my four little socks on the heating, and then washed it for a few days.