What if the dog is afraid of bathing? How to get the dog used to bathing?

What if the dog is afraid of bathing? How to get the dog used to bathing?

Dog skin will secrete a kind of fat to protect the dog from being infringed from bacteria, but if you do not take a bath for a long time, this kind of fat will also emit a unpleasant smell. Moreover, hair knotting or dirty is also very harmful to the dog's own health. It is necessary to bathe for dogs. So what should I do if the dog is afraid of taking a bath? How to make dogs get used to bathing?

1. Let dogs get used to the contact of others

When the dogs are very young, shoveling officers can let the dogs contact strange people and let their friends and relatives contact the dogs, so that the dogs will not be afraid of strangers, and will not attack. One! However, when contacting your friends and relatives, you must touch the dog gently, do not scare the dog, and give the dog some snack rewards. Over time, you will not contact strangers!

2. Let the dog contact the beauty artist

What if the dog is afraid of bathing? How to get the dog used to bathing?

If you want to take a dog to the beauty salon to take a bath, then you must let the dog contact the beautician before, and let the dog and the beautician ease through the way of food, and let the dog get used to the beauty artist without resisting the beauty. Teacher, so that you can let the beautician take a bath!

3. Make the dogs not afraid of water

Many dogs are afraid of launching water. They may feel that they are relatively practical on the ground, but how can they raise their own dogs to not be afraid of water? Here, Xiaobian suggested that you can use the pool and bathtub in the house to let the dog contact the water, and give the dog award after the dog contacts the water to reduce the fear of the dog's fear of water. Just pave the way for the dogs to take a bath in the future!

When you contact the dog with water, you can wet the dog with warm water first, and rinse from the hips from the back. The dog's head must finally contact!

4. Let the dog familiar with beauty equipment

After taking a shower for the dog, it is definitely necessary to blow dry the dog. Because many dogs first come into contact with the equipment such as a hair dryer for the first time, it will inevitably be disturbed by the noise of the hair dryer. Some timid Dogs are even afraid, so as to resist bathing. Usually, at this time, let the dog be quiet and can only restrict the action with traction rope! Of course, before that, you can let the dogs come into contact with a hair dryer in advance!

Steps to train dogs at home:

First of all, dogs can open the hair dryer first, let the dog internship against this novelty, if the performance is calm, and strokes it, and turn off the hair dryer after touching it. Repeat this action. The host strokes me!

Then, close the hair dryer close to the dog, keep the dog quiet, turn off for a while, and then reward the dog. This step must be repeated several times!

Finally, the air outlet of the hair dryer is touched near the dog's body. If the dog is stiff, strabble, and fear appears, then move away in time, then continue to repeat the movements, and add food rewards to repeat training!