How much dog food is appropriate for Sherry to feed a day?

How much dog food is appropriate for Sherry to feed a day?

The little old man Schnauzer is smart, active and energetic. Many people like its strange shape and think this kind of dog is particularly cute. Many novice parents have recently asked Schnauzer how much dog food to feed in a day. Of course, the food intake of puppies and adults is different. Xiaobian compiled relevant information about how much dog food Schnauzer feeds a day, so you can learn about it.

When Schnauzer was young, it was always difficult to grasp the amount of food he needed, even feeding him according to the number of grains. When it's older, it'll be more, but how much it is, but there's no measurement. The most scientific way is to feed it according to the age and weight of puppies or adults. General pet staple food packaging, will list the reference value.

Establish a correct and scientific feeding method, understand the differences of Schnauzer caused by different age, exercise, environment, plum festival, pregnancy, lactation, illness and other factors, and feed it regularly, at a fixed point and quantitatively, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining nutrition, health and balance.

It should not be too sudden to increase or decrease the feeding amount or change the dry food and wet food for pets. For Schnauzer with sensitive constitution, each change or change should not exceed 1/10 of the original food ration.

How much dog food is appropriate for Sherry to feed a day?

The feeding times of schnauzer at different ages: 4~5 times a day at 2 months old; 3~4 times a day for 3~5 months old; 6~12 months old, 3 times a day. If you want to know the dog's food intake, you can start with more food. If there are some leftovers, calculate about 80% of the food you eat, that is to say, "eight percent full" is more appropriate. In the puppy period, after overeating, there will be gastrointestinal reactions such as diarrhea and vomiting, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. 2 times a day is advisable for adult dogs over 1 year old; It is best to feed the aged dog with a meal every day after walking the dog every day. The feeding place should be relatively fixed, and it should not be placed with people's food and utensils.

If Sherry doesn't eat for 24 hours, or the amount of food suddenly decreases, it may be a sign of illness, so seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you raise multiple dogs, it's best to feed them separately, and the utensils and water utensils should be separated accordingly, and the dog's food intake should be observed every day.

Every day at dinner, Schnauzer looks forward to it, and then swallows the food in front of him. Dogs don't feel full immediately because they eat too fast.

If we fix the total amount of food for him in a day, it's better to change it from 2 times a day to 3 times a day, so that the dog will be more satisfied. Besides pet staple food, pet food in soft package or canned package, pet snacks, pet chewing gum, etc. should be included in the total amount of food, but pet staple food should be the main food, supplemented by others. Like people, the quality of appetite can be directly reflected in their health. Proper eating can control weight, help digestion and care for health.