How to raise Labrador dogs in winter How to raise Labradors in winter

How to raise Labrador dogs in winter How to raise Labradors in winter

Labrador dogs are simple and lovely, with high IQ and strong obedience. They are soft-coated and belong to short-haired dogs. Dogs are prone to respiratory diseases in winter. How to raise Labrador dogs in winter? Breeding methods of Labrador in winter.

< h4 > targeted management in winter < /h4>

Labrador retriever is a kind of dog that can adapt to all kinds of climates. It used to hunt prey along the cold coast, so wintering is not a big problem. But after all, its coat is short, so the owner has to take some measures to prevent cold.

< h4 > growth characteristics < /h4>

In order to adapt to the cold climate in winter, the new fur of Labrador retrievers in autumn has grown very dense in winter, which can completely resist the invasion of cold air.

< h4 > management method < /h4>

Take measures to keep warm. Although Labrador retriever is not very afraid of cold, its coat is too short, so it is necessary to keep warm in winter. In winter, first of all, move the dog house to the sunny and leeward place to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly on the body; The mattress should be thicker, changed and dried in Ying Qin to keep it dry. When the weather is particularly cold, you can also consider putting on a coat for your dog. "You can buy one for your dog at the pet store.

How to raise Labrador dogs in winter How to raise Labradors in winter

Sunbathing in the sun is mainly on cloudy days in winter. When it's sunny and warm, dogs mainly take their dogs out for activities and sunbathing in order to strengthen their physique and improve their disease resistance. Sunbathing can not only keep warm, but also ultraviolet rays can sterilize and disinfect, and can promote calcium absorption, which is conducive to the growth and development of dog bones and prevent rickets in puppies.

Go out for exercise when it's sunny. Usually, when it's raining, snowing or windy, dogs mostly stay at home. If they stay indoors for a long time, it's easy to get bored. Therefore, when the weather is good, be sure to take your dog out for full exercise, so that he can stretch his muscles and relieve the psychological pressure caused by staying indoors for a long time.

In winter, cream, internal organs, milk and foods containing more vitamin A and fat should be added to the feed to supplement high-calorie foods. This kind of feed can quickly supplement heat and enhance the dog's cold resistance.

< h4 > expert tips < /h4>

A The dog's resting place should be protected from the cold wind, and the owner must check its surroundings.

B When there is strong wind or rain in winter, it is easy to catch a cold after going out for exercise, so we should pay attention to it.