What foods can't golden dogs eat?

What foods can't golden dogs eat?

Many people have misunderstandings in feeding golden retriever. The feeding of golden retrievers is scientific and reasonable. Parents should pay attention to what foods can be eaten. Next, I will analyze the dietary taboos of the golden retriever.

What foods can't golden dogs eat?

1. Do not eat sharp bones such as chickens and ducks . Because the golden retriever swallows these pointed or sharp bones, it is easy to cause endometrial damage, which can further develop into acute gastric ulcers. Diseases of diseased dogs suddenly have acute symptoms such as vomiting, eating, and abdominal pain. Stomach ulcers are occasionally vomiting and mostly occur in the early morning waiting for an empty time. The appetite is good and bad, the condition is very easy to worsen, and it is not easy to cure. When the golden retriever eats a large number of bones at a time, constipation may also occur, and the stool is bone -like and accompanied by difficulty in defecation.

2. Do not eat liver for a long time . The liver is rich in vitamin A. Occasionally eating is harmless to golden retriever dogs, but long -term liver as daily staple food can cause excessive or even poisoning of vitamin A. Excessive vitamin A can affect the absorption of calcium and the body of the intestine and the body. The metabolism of calcium is particularly important to cause calcium deficiency in golden retrievers. Vitamin A poisoning can be manifested as osteoporosis, joint warts and spinal disease, and can affect the development of the teeth. Such diseases are a gradual process, which is often not easy to find in the early days, and it has caused irreparable damage when symptoms are found.

3. Do not eat foods such as shallots, onions, etc. . Some golden retrievers eat such foods can cause red blood cell hemolysis and hematuria. Although the principle is not very clear now, it can be determined to be related to some substances in green onion foods.

4. Do not eat chocolate . It is mainly because the golden retriever is very sensitive to the caffeine in chocolate. Although the individual difference is very large, some golden retrievers will be excited when they eat a small amount of chocolate. And chocolate contains a lot of sugar, which is harmful to the health of golden retriever.

5. Do not eat allergic foods such as seafood . Golden retriever may be allergic to many foods, which vary from individuals, which are very different. Generally speaking, because seafood foods contain more components of histamine, they are easily causing allergies. The symptoms are different. Red and swollen, irritable, or systemic itching, allergic pimples with skin, and allergic diarrhea may occur. These people need to observe carefully to identify which foods are prone to allergies for golden retrievers.

6. Do not eat high sugar, high -fat, high -salt foods . High -sugar and high -fat foods are easy to gain weight, and obesity can easily induce a series of diseases, such as fatty liver, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, etc., damage exercise, circulation, reproductive and other systems. When the golden retriever enters the age, these diseases will threaten the life of Golden Rather. The long -term intake of golden retrievers will inevitably increase the burden on kidney excretion and affect the health of the kidneys. They are also the imbalance of various minerals and vitamins in the body, which directly affects the health and resistance of the skin, causing various skin diseases.