Behaviour and changes of dogs entering old age.

Behaviour and changes of dogs entering old age.

When a dog enters the old age, various organ functions will decline. As a master, you must be distressed. After entering the elderly, some dogs have a slow action, unable to recognize the owner, and even be at home due to the decline of physiological functions. At this time, the owner needs great tolerance.
In fact, dogs can't control their wrong behavior, and they are also sorry, so what changes will occur after dogs age? Quickly follow the editor to learn, don't misunderstand them because they don't understand them.

Dogs entering the age period, often exercise is very difficult for them

First, dog aging speed:
Dogs are usually about fourteen years old, except for individual varieties, so the aging speed is 7 to 10 times that of human beings. The youth of the dog is really very short. Generally speaking, the dogs have begun to enter the age of 7 years old. The youth of large dogs is more precious. They start to enter the old age about 5 years old. Dogs have entered the old age, and it is best to have a detailed physical examination every year. It is necessary to find the potential chronic diseases of the dog in time.
2. Character changes in character:
When the dog enters the aging period, the personality also changes greatly, sometimes weird, the sleep increases, so quiet, easy to lying, easy to get easy fatigue.
3. Increased chance of disease:
Dogs enter the old age. Due to the decrease in the metabolic rate of physiological function, even if they eat the same food as before, obesity will follow it. Essence Dogs' tolerance to hot and cold also decreases. In addition, the immune function will increase the chance of dog disease. At this time, dogs will often have various diseases. The owner can pay attention to treatment.

Behaviour and changes of dogs entering old age.
Regularly taking a dog for medical examination is also responsible for the dog

Four, the pace of the back foot becomes smaller:
Even if the front foot is the same as when they are young, the pace of the back foot becomes smaller, and it will start to walk in a small step. It may be a sign of aging feet. From the front, compared with the two front feet, the two back feet are smaller, which may be because of low back pain.
Five, lost the game with interest:
I would have chased the ball, and became not to chase the ball. If the ball was thrown away, the dog ignored it. There was any It may be too lazy to run into the distance because the body has no power or pain.
6. Walking often stops:
Difficulties in walking due to joint problems such as femoral joints; Use a fixed walking route to increase freshness! Let dogs enjoy walking fun.
Seven, the name of the name is not responding:
The dog is old, it may be hearing loss, it is not easy to hear the sound of calling the name, or because of physical pain, you become too lazy to move. Time to be tolerant of dogs.
Eight, no longer enthusiastic about you:
Dogs will not be like before, welcome you at home. What is lively? At this time, you should replace you to improve this situation, and actively interact with your dog after returning home.