Precautions for taking pictures of pets

Precautions for taking pictures of pets

We all know that when you go to the zoo live aquarium to take pictures of the animals, there will be a prompt next to it. Do not open the flash. Similarly, for your own baby, it is best not to turn on the flash. If you want to shoot the wonderful moments of the babies, and the effect you want to shoot is natural, then the following precautions must be remembered by the owners.

Different pets must grasp their personality characteristics to take beautiful photos

I. The key is to seize their personality
When you find that these cute little animals can take some unusual or very interesting movements, you can take a shot at any time. For example, the kitten or puppy lying on their favorite cushions when they doze off, they are more impressive than their forced posture. Don't forget to use close -up lens when taking close -up photos, because if your lens itself is too close to pets, they will definitely not put POSE waiting for you to take pictures like a model or big star.
2. Pets to shoot dark hair are more difficult
When taking pictures for them, you must pay attention to making the shooting background look brighter. In addition, shooting pets should pay attention to the position of the shadow like shooting other objects. Be careful not to let your pet appear "red eyes" when using flash. You can not use the flash in a brighter place. If you need to use a flash, do not let your pets look directly at the camera, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "red eyes".

Precautions for taking pictures of pets
It is very difficult to take beautiful collective photos for pets

Three, how to take a collective photo
When shooting "collective photos" for several puppies or kittens, it is best to put them in a basket and let them hold each other, This can easily adjust the shooting distance. If you want pet eyes to aimed at the camera, you can call their names gently or use a toy to attract their attention. In order to take the ideal photo, you must not only prepare sufficient film, but also have enough patience, because all the professional animals you appreciated are taken by photographers to take a lot of energy and time before shooting.
Fourth, take a photo of children and dogs
When taking photos where children play with pets, pay attention to making people at the same horizontal plane as animals. If your pet is larger, you can let it lie next to your child to obtain the ideal composition.

Corgi dog under running

5. How to shoot dogs running
We often see some photos of dogs in running, which is very impactful, and the dog has a strong momentum. What about photos? There are also some tips. There are many types of dogs, different sizes, and the characteristics are the same. Generally speaking, the running form of large dogs is good, the limbs can stretch, and the running posture is also more beautiful. The dogs in the running running are much more rare than shooting static dogs. Because the speed is too fast, the speed of the shutter speed is also higher. Generally, the shutter speed of more than 1/500 seconds can be used to run well to run well. The picture is fixed. At this time, we need to set the focus mode of the camera to the continuous focus mode, and use a partner to press the shutter when the dog starts to run. There will always be one or two photos with better actions in the photo.
6. Do not use a flash with puppies
The eyes of the puppies have not yet matured. At the same time, due to the incomplete retinal development, sudden strong light will cause the retinal nerve cells. Moreover, the lacrimal glands of BB have not yet matured, and lack the function of basic blocking strong light and protecting the retina. Therefore, when the puppies' eyes encounter strong direct lights such as electronic flash, it is likely to cause the bottom of the retina and corneal burns of the bottom of the eye, and even the risk of blindness, and the closer the flashing distance, the more serious the damage to the retina. Especially in the case of dark indoor light, the pupils of the puppies' eyes are widely opened. Strongly shot into the eyes of the little guy, which will hurt the bottom retina of the eyes, and will leave the hidden dangers of life seriously.
In order to see more big and black eyes of the baby, let's turn off the flash, change the natural light, and shoot during the day. Besides the flash, the big shadow is not beautiful. When the cloudy or light is not good, the ISO is raised. Although the dry point is high, you can see it. If there is a SLR, open a large aperture. As much as possible to minimize the human damage of the baby.