Introduce the characteristics of Labrador's head

Introduce the characteristics of Labrador's head

Labrador dogs are docile and friendly, so they are suitable for keeping as pets. Labrador dogs are easy to recognize, especially the head features are very obvious. Let's find out.

Introduce the characteristics of Labrador's head

Labrador dogs have broad heads; Very clear but not exaggerated. The head and the front face are in parallel planes, and the length is roughly equal. The stop is moderate, and the eyebrows are slightly prominent, so it is not a complete straight line from the head to the tip of the nose. The brow bone accentuates the stop. The head line is clear, there is not much meat on the cheek, the bone line of the head is clear, and the outline under the eyes is clear, but the cheek is not prominent.

The head shows a little center line; The occipital bone of mature dogs is not significant. Lips should not be square or droopy. But it forms a curve towards the throat. Wedge-shaped head, or the back of the head, long and narrow muzzle, is as wrong as clumsy head and thick skin. The jaw is strong but not slender, and the muzzle is neither long and narrow, nor short and thick. Nose mirror: The nose mirror is wide and the nostrils are very developed.

Or the nose mirror of a yellow dog is black, the nose mirror of a chocolate dog is brown, and it is not a defect that the nose mirror fades to a light shade. A completely pink nose mirror or a nose mirror lacking any pigment is a disqualification. Teeth: The teeth are firm and tidy, with scissors bite. Bite bite is acceptable, but not ideal. Teeth with protruding upper jaw bite, protruding lower jaw bite and/or misaligned teeth are serious defects. The perfect tooth system is ideal, and the lack of molars or premolars is a serious defect.

Ears: hanging, moderately close to the head, in a more reliable position, slightly lower than the head; Slightly above the eye level. The ears should not be too big or too heavy, but they should be in harmony with the proportion of the head. When pulled forward, they can extend to the inside of the eyes.

Eyes: Sharp and friendly eyes show good temperament, and intelligence and alertness are the characteristics of this breed. Eyes of medium size, widely spaced, neither prominent nor deep. Or a black dog with brown eyes, and a chocolate dog with brown eyes or hazel eyes. Or black eyes make the expression dazzling and undesirable. Small eyes, eyes that are too close together, and round and prominent eyes are not typical eyes of this breed. Or yellow Labrador retriever's eyes are black, and chocolate Labrador retriever's eyes are brown. Lack of pigment around the eyes is a disqualification.