What are the standing beauty tools?

What are the standing beauty tools?

You can make some simple beauty for your own

Compared with professional beauticians, our experience, techniques and equipment are limited after all, and there must be a certain gap compared to the aurator's handling dogs. But if it is just a relatively simple job, we can still be competent, and relatively speaking, these tools are not very troublesome to get. Therefore, you can usually bring some simple tools and handle some simple work for the dog yourself.

1. Pulling a knife

Dog -specific tools, regularly implementing, will make dogs be in the best hair. It can remove dead hair, accelerate the metabolic cycle of hair, and harden the hair to meet the requirements of dogs. Most of the dogs require rough and hard hair, but due to the different distribution positions, the thickness of the hair is different. Therefore, the enthusiasts who pay attention to will be a suitable tool to implement the beauty work of various parts. Dogs such as Sherry will use tools such as pulling a knife to make the backpack grow better.

2. Hair dryer

The role of a hair dryer is to use the hair to dry and integer (straight). The amount of pets of pets is several times more than human hair. In order to accelerate the drying time, a large large hair dryer for pets can be used. Its design is large air volume and low heat but because of high price, only suitable for professional beauty workers. Generally, family breeding heads are raised heads. After a while, the household hair dryer can be applicable. Some dogs may be afraid of the sound of the hair dryer, so they should be adapt to them as soon as possible.

3. Water absorption towel

After the shower, it is used to absorb the coat. Some owners may not be able to clean up towels because of their work, and with water -absorbing sponge towels, it is convenient. It is small, large water absorption, and can be reused and easy to clean, so it is a necessity for pet beauty.

Patiently good water absorption towel requirements: contraction and expansion ratio is higher. The surface is smooth and not hurt. Patt. It is not easy to mold in normal wet state.

4. Rubber ring

Lice and use. Beauty paper, bow, bun, hair, and hair fixation, as well as beauty -shaped shares and bundles, all of which need to be used for rubber rings of different sizes. Generally, the most commonly used is No. 8 8. User users who are super trumpet. Most of the professional beauticians with the purpose of dog exhibition.

Category: The size is not divided, there are two types of material classification. Latex: non -sticky hair, no roll paper, but the elasticity is slightly worse. Rubber: Good elasticity, cheap, but sticky.

What are the standing beauty tools?
Commonly used tools are ready

5. Mask:

Many dogs are afraid of taking a bath, so even the owner is difficult to calm them down. Considering masks for their own safety is a necessary item. Coperly or fierce pets, the touch of people will have a mental state of rejection or resistance due to nervousness. In order to successfully complete the beauty, it is necessary to put on a mask for such dogs.

Mask type: A variety of products are mainly designed with a fixed tone. Only cats are classified as the following (nylon cloth products).

Iron: Strong, but bulky and easy to rub.

Nylon cloth system: buckle with magic stickers, light and easy to use, but not durable.

Leather system: durable but difficult to fix quickly, with odor for a long time.

Plastic system: with an inserted tap buck

Good mask requirements: not hurting pets, easy -to -buckle, not easy to fall off, easy to clean.

In addition, hemostatic pliers, nails, and razors are all necessary tools for usual. Preparing these, we can do some simple beauty treatment for the dogs.