Some practices that are beneficial and harmful to dog coat

Some practices that are beneficial and harmful to dog coat

Reasonably supplement nutritional elements

Most of the hairs of dogs' hairs are related to the genes of the dog itself, but whether the dog's hair is soft and bright, but it is very connected with the nursing of the owner and the nutrition of the dog. To ensure that the dog is Kang Kang, good nutritional supplements and the usual correct care are essential. We need to consider what to do should not do anything.

1. Nutritional supplement and correct care

1. Protein: A sufficient protein can ensure the growth quality of the dog's hair, make the hair grow faster and stronger, and improve the hair split. Especially for long -haired dogs, sufficient protein is less likely to occur.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E has the effect of anti -aging and antioxidant, which can improve the body's immunity, protect the integrity and function of cell membranes, and maintain the health of fur. At the same time, strengthening the skin's resistance can also effectively prevent dogs from developing skin diseases and preventing hair loss of dogs.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is the main substance of normal bone calcification. It can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, help fur absorption and decomposition nutrients.

Fat: Fat is the main substance to ensure the light of dog fur, and it can also help it absorb other nutrients. Lack of fat can make the dog's skin itch, increase dandruff, and rough fur and dry.

Some practices that are beneficial and harmful to dog coat
It is not advisable to take a bath for dogs

2. Some practices of harmful to dogs

1. Long -term feeding dogs' single food, or a large amount of food that eats a lot of useless foods, not only cannot meet the dog's needs for nutrition, but also causes some nutrient elements to be too full, which causes the dog's skin and the health of the hair to be healthy. influences.

2. I often take a bath frequently: Some owners love cleanly very much. Once you see the dogs that are not handled on the dog, you will choose to take a bath for the dog. For the protection of hairy. In addition, many owners are not using dogs for dogs to take baths themselves. The pH value of the dog skin is very different from the pH value of our skin, so the use of bath milk will cause damage to the acid -base balance of the dog's skin.

3. In bad emotions, excessive negative emotions can also cause dogs to get rid of the dog with worse. It is important to help them maintain a happy mind at all times. Accompany them more. The owner should not be too lazy and combed the dogs in a regular basis; take a bath for the dog; don't want to improve the dog's quilt in diet; it will make the dog's quilt difference. Make a happy mood for dogs is also good for their skin health.

4. Dry environment: Too dry living environment will cause the dog to lose water, cause dry hair, and cause rough hair and split.

5. Skin disease: Dermatology is an important cause of the dog's poor hairy. Due to skin diseases, it can cause malnutrition in the disease area, and related problems such as hair loss occur. In addition, skin diseases can also cause white hairs to grow white hairs, which has a great impact on the image of the dog. Not only that, skin diseases are also a very stubborn disease. Dogs will scratch because of itching, causing a large amount of hair to fall off. Therefore, if the quality of the hair is caused by skin disease Essence