What are the conditions for getting a bis dog?

What are the conditions for getting a bis dog?

It must be pure

The so -called BIS is the abbreviation of Best in Show. These dogs are the best or winners in the same group, which are screened by layers. These dogs not only have a beautiful appearance and well -proportioned physique, but more importantly, they have good obedience, so the dogs must qualify for BIS, so these basic conditions are necessary.

1. The requirements of your own variety are the primary factor

Fundamentally, the most basic way to judge the better of dogs is to score dogs, and the closer to dog scores, the higher the dog breed standard. Many people will doubt that when several different dogs are gaming in the same field, how can the judges make judgments? In fact, the answer is still scoring. The closer to your standard dog score, the higher the chance of winning. Therefore, the most basic element is that the exhibitors themselves are a purely purebred dog. If there are obvious or carefully, it can be distinguished from the next round.

2. Good management

In fact, there are many puppies with exhibitors. The reason for not getting good results is not their own quality, but lack of good training and scientific management. This is the so -called "good horse is easy to get, Bole is hard to find". Management contains many very professional contents, such as: nutrition, beauty, sports, and many habits in daily life, and all details cannot be neglected. Management is a very detailed work, such as different grounds will have a different impact on the shape of the dog's claws and joints; different combing tools will have different effects on the dog's hair. There are also some dogs that should be swinging with the backline. If it is raised in a narrow space for a long time, not only the hair on the tail will be damaged, but the shape of the tail will gradually change. We have seen many dogs introduced from abroad. After a period of time, the results of the game began to decline. A very important factor is because of lack of high -tech scientific management.

What are the conditions for getting a bis dog?
Good breeding management, training and beauty are very important

Three, reasonable training

Even a dog with excellent appearance conditions, if you lack training, it is difficult to show his temperament and mental state on the field, and it is likely to be eliminated. Some people think that the training subjects of the exhibitors include only traction and Pose. In fact, for the participating dogs, games and play are also very important. Because during the game, dogs and owners will establish very natural dependence, and dogs and owners will get happiness, which is very beneficial to the cultivation of dogs' affinity and confidence. Federation and self -confidence are also essential for participating dogs.

Four, Beauty

Basically, dogs participating in non -competition competitions will be beautiful. It should be explained that the beauty of the exhibitors is very different from the beauty of pet dogs. In addition to keeping the dog's beauty, in addition to keeping the dog clean and beautiful appearance, according to the characteristics of each dog, considering how to cover up the deficiencies and make them look closer to the standard. This is also the exhibition dog. Beauty starting point.

Five, good on -the -spot play

In dog exhibitions, two dogs often appear closer to appearance and beauty. At this time, there are usually referees to determine themselves. They will judge whether the dog will panic at the scene based on their rich experience. If it is two dogs with close levels, they often calm down and adjust their dogs faster. Dogs will win the final victory.