How to change dog food safely?

How to change dog food safely?

Changing dog food slowly

Different dog foods are very different in their nutritional ratio, and dogs of different ages have a large difference in demand for nutrition. Therefore, it is impossible for a dog to eat the same dog food in the lifetime, and it is necessary to change the food appropriately. However, changing dog food should also pay attention to many problems. The wrong way to change food will cause dogs to refuse or discomfort. Therefore, the owner must know how to change the dog food more safely for his dog.

1. Why change dog food

There are many reasons for changing dog food. First of all, at different ages, dogs have different needs for nutrition. The nutrition required by puppies is higher than that of adult dogs, and the hardness of dog food should not be too large, so after adulthood, it is necessary to replace adult dog food for it. And long -term consumption of a dog food, dogs may be bored with this dog food, which will cause rejection of dog food. Therefore, changing dog food can also improve the effect of taste and improve the appetite of the dog. However, it should be noted that the frequency of replacement should not be too fast, otherwise it is easy to cause dog discomfort.

From a physiological basis, the dog's stomach is not as powerful as we imagine, and even some dogs are fragile. What's more, now the dogs have the masters who love them very much, and they are more fragile and more fragile.

On the other hand, in terms of nutritional components, dog food is usually meat, meat is rich in protein, and proteins can provide essential amino acids for organisms. Different meat contains the type and weight of amino acids. If you want dogs to eat a variety of protein to maintain nutritional balance, and practice strong constitution, you must pay attention to the problem of changing dogs.

How to change dog food safely?
The selected dog food should also be appropriate

2. How to change the dog food correctly for the dog

In general, we must adhere to the three fundamental principles: 1. The speed of changing dog food must be slow, and you must take it slowly. Because the dog has been eating a kind of dog food before, the stomach has gradually become familiar with the previous dog food. If the previous dog food is completely replaced at this time, it will inevitably cause the dog's stomach to have a certain discomfort. Some dogs will also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and not eating. Therefore, we must first observe the normal food of the dog for the dog's food, then divide the amount into a few copies, add some new ones every day, and then slowly reduce the original dog food, add new dog food food to , Let the dog's stomach have a process of adaptation. 2. It is also very important in the choice of dog food. When choosing dog food, you must first conform to the taste of the dog. Otherwise, even if the nutrition is good, the dog does not like to eat. It is best to buy more dog foods and buy these dog food trials. Then choose the relatively nutritious dog food in the dog's favorite type. 3. Make correct grasp of the frequency of food changes. The frequency of changing dog food must not be too fast. It is best to have a longer cycle for the same kind of dog food. Frequent changing dog food will cause a certain stimuli to the stomach, which is likely to cause the dog's intestinal discomfort. If the dog causes vomiting and diarrhea, it is likely to cause other troubles.