What are the common skin diseases of pet dogs?

What are the common skin diseases of pet dogs?

Dog skin disease refers to the collective name that can cause itching, hair removal, scabs, and abnormal skin changes in dogs. In recent years, the incidence of skin diseases in pet dogs is still very high, accounting for about 20%of clinical cases. Although dog skin diseases generally do not cause death, the pathogenic factors are more complicated, the identification of the classy is more difficult, it is easy to misdiagnose, and there are differences in varieties, age and individuals. Essence This article will briefly describe several skin diseases commonly used in dog skin diseases in the type and cause of dog skin diseases, in order to help you help.

What are the common skin diseases of pet dogs?
Skin disease

Parasitic skin disease

Skin disease caused by chorus mites : It is extremely contagious, and the insect body is mainly parasitic on the thin and thin parts of the skin on the outside of the ears, ears, toe, eyes, and mouth. Yin tide or contact with various stimuli will exacerbate the development process of this disease. Demonstrations, scabs, skin redness or purulent herpes, thickened and wrinkles. Most of them are in hunting dogs and small lion dogs.

Skin disease caused by itching mites : It is mainly parasitic in the ear canal, which is infectious and infected, and can be seen in clinically inflammation and congestion. And fishy smell.

Skin disease caused by dehumidal mites : Paralywood in the dog's hair follicles and sebaceous glands, the decrease in immune function often causes systemic creep disease. Dog disease has mild itching at the beginning, the skin of the face is red, congestion, and then hair removal, and pushing down the neck, chest and abdomen, erythema and bran -like scales. This disease is hereditary, and it is mostly in German Shepherd, Salum Dogs, Beijing Dogs, Du Bowen Dogs, and Bullfighting Dogs. The incidence of Tongwo dogs is 80%to 90%.

Skin disease caused by flea and lice : Flexibus and lice infringe skin tissue, cause itching of the skin, the dogs are restless, and the diseased dogs are extremely itchy. In severe cases, the dog is removed from the body and weak anemia.

fungi sexual skin disease

A fungal skin diseases are caused by fungal infection. The pathogen is the most common in dogs. The second is plaster -like small sporo mold. It is the most common skin disease of dogs.

The clinical manifestation is itching, the whole body hair removal, and the body surface scattered red pimples and rash. The skin surface forms a small round oil -like thick crust on the surface of the hair removal area, with dandruff, and the ears, faces, and head and neck are most common. This disease often forms a mixed infection with chigger mites and creep mites.

bacterial skin disease

Typical representatives are pus dermatotia, toe purulent cortex caused by germ infections such as bacteriophytaus: uncertain parts of purulent disease, characterized by pimples, pustules, folliculitis, skin cracks and itching; Veridity is found in pustular occurrences between dogs or limbs, forming a fistula. Most of the diseases are in German shepherds, Rowalner Dogs (details), and Dan Dog.

Perverted reactive skin disease

The causes of perverted reactive skin diseases are more complicated, including food, drugs, chemicals, environmental factors, genetic factors, hormone abnormalities and allergic qualities.

Allergic reaction: is the most common type. Allergic dermatitis is characterized by itching, pimples, and erythema, which has a large relationship with varieties, individuals, and immune levels.

Urticaria: It is characterized by the rapid retreat of the upper layer of skin dermis, which is characterized by the rapid retreat, which belongs to the superficial metamorphosis reaction.

Eczema: Light allergic inflammation belongs to the skin. Acute eczema is characterized by itching and moisture with no obvious boundary or polymorphic boundaries; chronic eczema uses skin thickening and moss -like changes and folds, accompanied by accompanied Pigmentation is characterized.

Keri Nose: It is caused by the skin allergy of the skin to the sunlight, and mostly occurs in the Keli dog, the Shentlan shepherd, the silk hairy dog, and the Japanese dog. feature.