Ways to clean dogs' ears

Ways to clean dogs' ears

Ways to clean dogs' ears
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How to clean your ears for the owner:

1. Use alcohol cotton balls to wipe the dog's outer canal clean and observe whether there are dirt deep inside the ear. If so, wipe it gently with a cotton stick. If the dirt is hard to wipe out, let's put it first. Be careful not to insert too deep, so that the dogs will throw their heads if they are uncomfortable, and if they are not careful, they will hurt the dog's inner ear.

2. Then use a pet -dedicated drop of ear oil to the dog's ear to drop 2 drops, cover the ears and massage the ears for 1 minute. Then look at the ears. At this time, the hard earwood will soften, and you can wipe it out with a cotton swab.

3. Ears should be cleaned once a week. The editor of the pet network said that if the dog's ears have become red and swollen, itching is powerful, the taste is strong, and the earwood is very large, then it must be cleaned once a day. It will improve significantly for 3 days, and gradually decreases the number of times in the future until the ears are completely normal.

4. When the dog is cleaned at the beginning, the dog will resist because of uncomfortable adaptation. At this time, the owner should not give up, you can ask the family to help, two people join hands; Be sure to comfort the sound while cleaning, and talk to the dog gently when massaging your ears, so that you can calm down its emotions. Over time, dogs will enjoy it very much.

5. The ear hair in the dog's ear canal should also be properly trimmed. Because ear hair is too dense, it will affect ventilation and cause inflammation in the ear. "Women's eyebrow sword" is very practical. Just pinch your ears with your hands, and then put the eyebrow sword on the inner ear hair and stick the hair to repair the hair. When trimming the edge, pay attention to the slow gesture, and repair it layer by layer until it is shaved to the skin. At this time, the dog will cooperate with you very well because it will never hurt the dog.