What are the characteristics of Three Silly Snowmen?

What are the characteristics of Three Silly Snowmen?

Husky (detail introduction)

Snow Silly can be said to occupy a seat in the dog industry today, whether it is Husky, Alaska, or Samoyed is the more popular dogs today. And the three dogs also have their own characteristics, which is quite easy to be remembered. For example, Husky is a well -known "two goods" among the dogs. Therefore, the title of Erha is the title of Er Ha. Not only is it, it is also our unanimous expression emperor, and all kinds of funny expressions can be said to be unbearable.

Husky -Emperor Emperor

Husky is also known as Siberian sled dog. The dog is characterized by medium body, moderate bones, balanced proportions, and free actions. The unique hairy, cute heads and ears are correct like a broom. If the skeleton appearance is too exaggerated or overweight, the pace is restrained, awkward, long, and rough will be severely punished in the game.

The Siberian sled dog cannot appear overweight, rude, so as to be a hard work; in turn, if the weight is too light and the bones are too slender, it is similar to the racing dog. Regardless of the male and female, Siberian sled dog shows strong endurance and curiosity. In addition to all the defects mentioned above, any obvious body structure defect suitable for all dog species is also suitable for the judgment of Siberian sled dogs.

For Husky, the male is more than 23 inches and the female height of more than 22 inches is lost. Siberian sled is different from other hounds. It does not require a large amount of exercise, but the appropriate exercise daily is also very important. The sled dog is a very clean dog breed. When they do not like to urinate at home for about six months, as a responsible master, you should bring your pet dog out of the street every morning and dusk. In order, then you can use this opportunity to give it moderate exercise. The 15 -minute walk (preferably 5 minutes is fast step) is the most basic.

In addition, Husky's personality is very lively, and there is a title of lack of letting go and crazy, so you must be optimistic when going out. As for the emperor emperor, it is because Husky's expression is quite rich, and it is very funny because it is passed on to the Internet. Certainly known by the majority of netizens and therefore have this title.

What are the characteristics of Three Silly Snowmen?
Samoyed dog (detail introduction)

Samoyed -Smile Angel

Samoyed's appearance is very attractive. The white quilt, black eyes, the most special is the seemingly smiling face, so with the title of smile angel. The Samoyed dog is very strong and fast. It is an excellent guard dog, but the dog is also gentle and friendly. It never creates trouble, but can maintain a kind of dog. Many modern families like to raise Samoyed dogs because this dog can maintain the relationship between neighbors. Although Samoyed dogs have a good physique, they never easily provoke "others", including other pets and crowds. When encountering other "people", I always stay quietly, as long as the other party does not provoke it, it will definitely not be provocative.

Alaska sled dog (detail introduction)

Alaska Suele

Because it will be broadcast in the future, one of the three silly snow is a fire. Alaska sled dog is a large sled dog and has a very long history of development. Every year in some countries, the dog sled competition is held, and many of the protagonists of the sled are Alaska sled dogs. This dog is strong and can adapt to the snow and snow. Of course, the Alaskan sled dog has advantages and some disadvantages.

Although the Alaska sled dog looks large and looks very strong, but because they often live in the snow and snow, their gastrointestinal system will be more fragile. A slight impact may cause their vomiting and diarrhea. Severe conditions are also prone to acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, intestinal parasites infection, allergic enteritis, and viral enteritis. Therefore, this dog is very concerned about diet and care.