What's Aki's IQ like

What's Aki's IQ like

The movie "Loyal Dog Eight Grandpa"

I believe that many people will have a very large connection with the movie "Loyal Dog Eight Gong" in Akita Dog. The Akita dog in the movie is smart and loyal. Even if the owner has died, it still waits at the station every day as usual. The return of the master. Therefore, many people are deeply moved by them. At the same time, the audience will also think that Akita dogs are a very smart dog, so how the Akita dog's IQ is.

Akita Dog's "IQ" ranks 54th among dogs. This ranking seems relatively backward. However, the IQ mentioned in this ranking is not a dog's intelligence ranking, but the obedience and domestication of dogs. Therefore, we can only say that the obedience of Akita Dog is not particularly good, and it is not very domesticated. After all, Akita, like Ba Gong, is a minority. But dogs can be shaped.

First of all, we must first understand the dog's personality. The personality of Akita dog is calm and docile, it feels sharp, strong, and brave. Usually quiet, not randomly screaming at will.

And the dog has a natural guard instinct, so they do not need special guard training. The alertness of strangers Akita Dog is very high, so strangers are generally not easy to get close to this dog, but they will perform very smoothly for the owners.

What's Aki's IQ like
Akita Dog (detail introduction)

Strong independence is also a major feature of Akita dogs. Akita dogs are not like other dog breeds -it will always surround your feet or shake in front of you. Basically, this dog rarely sticks to family. They always look independent, but at home, they can always accurately determine where the monks are. In addition, ancient Japan often used Akita to hunt bears, so Akita dogs have strong hunting.

Of course, Akita dogs still have a lot of bad character. They are generally not very friendly for other animals, so the chance of having harmony with them is not high, so it is best to raise it alone. Akita dogs were originally hunting dogs, and their temper was a little irritable and had a certain wildness. Therefore, Akita Dog should usually wear collar and tie the rope. When going out, the owner should be held to prevent the onset.

Akita dog is not easy to approach strangers

When feeding the Japanese Akita dog, pay attention to the character of Japanese Akita dogs. Because this dog is a large dog, it must be trained from puppies, and it can become docile when it is adult. If you train well since puppies, you don't have to tie it with a thick rope when you grow up. Although it has a strong ability to take care of it, it also has a strong desire to dominate, and Akita dog has a good personality.

After understanding their personality, we can play a considerable role in the future training process. We can decide how to treat them based on their personality. Although the Akita dog itself is not very easy to get close to people, if you have been in contact with it since childhood, it can have a great impact on it. After growing up, the Akita dog will have much better feelings for the owner. It can become easier. In fact, Akita itself is a very smart variety. If the owner uses the correct training method, he can train a Akita dog well. Training dogs is mainly encouraging, but it is quite necessary to punish properly. Proper punishment is quite necessary. Reviewing and punishment clearly is the correct way to train dogs.