What about Samoyed anorexia? I'll teach you five tricks to improve Samoyed anorexia.

What about Samoyed anorexia? I'll teach you five tricks to improve Samoyed anorexia.

Samoyed has no spirit, and it feels slow to eat and a lot less. Parents are very worried about the health of the dog. What should I do if Samoyed's anorexia? Teach you five tricks to improve Samoyed's anorexia. Parents in need can learn about it.

What about Samoyed anorexia? I'll teach you five tricks to improve Samoyed anorexia.

1. Fixed -point feeding

Only when you eat, you can feed Samoyed, so that Samoyed can develop a good eating habit. If the owner sees Samoye hungry, he is late, then Samoyeds can easily pick up food, and the gastrointestinal function is relatively poor. Many Samoye and cats have gradually become a member of the Fat Club because of their irregular dinner, which is unhelpful for their health.

2. Moderate exercise

Because the weather is hotter, many owners are afraid of Samoyed's heat stroke, so they do not bring Samoyed to exercise. In fact, even in summer, Samoye also needs to eat the amount of food. A Samoyed's resistance at home will decline. The owner can choose to take Samoyed in the low temperature morning and evening, which can not only achieve the purpose of allowing the Samoyed movement, but also to avoid Samoyed heatstroke. If Samoyed has any discomfort during exercise, stop exercise immediately, find out the cause of discomfort, and immediately deal with it. For domestic cats, the owner can play some games with cats at home, and cats can completely stretch their limbs during the game.

Three, do not feed raw cold food

The temperature of the food just taken from the refrigerator is low, which will stimulate Samoyed's stomach, causing Samoyed vomiting, diarrhea, and so on. Ice cream video not only stimulates Samoyed's stomach, but its high sugar content can also cause the emergence of obesity and hyperglycemia in Samoyed. The owner must not feed Samoye.

4. Fruits are beneficial to disadvantages

Feeding Samoyed some fruits that they like to eat can indeed increase appetite, but some fruits cannot be eaten for Samoyed. The owner needs to identify it before feeding his own Samoye to prevent them from eating Samoyed. Fruit. In addition, fruits should not be provided excessively, otherwise Samoyeds will not be far away from food and obesity.

5. Ensure that sufficient drinking water

Successive water is very important for Samoyed. In order to ensure the cleaning of water drinking, even if Samoyed did not drink the water in the water basin, the owner had to replace it every day.