How can you let the dog take medicine obediently?

How can you let the dog take medicine obediently?

In the process of breeding dogs, there will be a dog with a cold. Since we are sick, we need to take medicine for the dog. Xiaobian believes that it is much more difficult to feed dogs than feeding children. As long as you feed children, just coax it. We must also chase dogs for dogs. It will also leave a bad memory for it, and it will be more difficult to feed in the future. So today's editor of will talk about what methods can be obedient to let the dog take medicine, let's take a look together.

Different types of drugs have different feeding, let's take a look at it below:

One, eye drops

When giving the dog with eye drops, you need to pull the dog's lower eyelid, and then quickly drip the eye drops into your eyes. After the drug enters the drug, close the dog's eyes. Do not put the medicine in front of the dog. Or do you make some movements to the dogs that you are going to be dripping. This will cause the dog to cause mental pressure and resist the dripping medicine. It is more difficult to think about dripping.

Two, liquid drug

If the dog's drug is liquid, you can use a needle with a needle with a needle, and inject it from the side of the dog's mouth. Each dose should be small and inject several times. If you feed too much at a time, you may flow out of your mouth, or stretch the dog. The medicine powder can also be mixed in the water and feed it with a injection cylinder.

Three, powder drug

Drugs such as medicine powder are relatively bitter. You can try to break the drugs and put them in the meat and snacks. This is easy to "pass the level" and will not be broken by the dog. If the dog's taste is more sensitive, I would rather not eat it hungry, the owner can crush the cooked sweet potato, knead it into a sweet potato ball, and mix the powder powder. Essence

Four, Capsule Drug

For drugs such as capsule, remember to make the dog open with one hand when feeding the medicine, hold the medicine with the other hand, and quickly put the medicine into the root of the dog's tongue. Scratching the dog's throat and let the dog swallow.

How can you let the dog take medicine obediently?

Everyone should know how to get the dogs with medicine. I think that instead of finding a way to give the dog medicine, it is better to do a good job of preventing the dogs and strengthening the dog's physique.