Will the bitch menstruate?

Will the bitch menstruate?

Will the bitch come to menstruation? Have many friends have come into contact with this kind of thing? The dogs at home suddenly started to bleed their buttocks, and their emotions became more excited. This is the symptoms of the dog's "menstruation". Is it overwhelmed during this period? Essence

Will the bitch come to menstruation? Motherhood Dogs After half a year to eight months after growing, many red secretions will flow out. Many people call it "menstruation". In fact, this statement is wrong. Only the primates can appear, and the human "menstruation" is the hemorrhage of the inner wall of the uterus after being stimulated by the hormone. The red secretion is a thickened blood mucus penetrated by epidermal cells on the uterine.

Will the bitch come to menstruation? Dogs come to "menstruation" for its ovulation period, and can conceive during this period. The dog's "menstruation" is not the moon and the moon. It will only appear twice a year twice a year, which lasts about 22 days. In short, the dog's "menstruation" represents the arrival of the estrus period and the menstruation we usually say is not related to half a penny.

What should we do if our dogs come to menstruation?

1 Strengthen nutrition

Will the bitch come to menstruation? We all know that dogs will become more able to eat during this period. The speed of metabolism is too fast to cause the demand for food to accelerate. As a master, you should also strengthen your nutrition to ensure the physical needs of the dog.

2 Keep hygiene

Will the bitch come to menstruation? In the process of dogs' "menstruation", because we will secrete red mucus, we should pay attention to the health of dogs in this area. There are sanitary pants that are specifically worn on the Internet and physical stores. It can ensure that the red mucus is not dripping on the floor at home and is more hygienic.

3, observe temperature changes

Will the bitch come to menstruation? During this period, the dog's immunity is not very high. Pay attention to changes in temperature to strengthen warmth. Dogs during the estrus period also love to contact the heterosexual dog. Controlled, leading to infection disease.

4 When we go out of the dog, remember to tie the dog rope.

Will the bitch come to menstruation? During the estrus of the dog, the owner must be more careful. When walking out, he is equipped with a dog rope to avoid going out by the public dogs to make unnecessary trouble.

5 During this period, it is best not to take a bath

Will the bitch come to menstruation? When the immunity during the estrus is declining, it may be sick at this time, so it makes sense to not take a bath. In short, the dog will continue to be too long during this period. Wipe your dogs when you come back. If you have to take a bath for the dog during this period, you must ensure that the temperature is not allowed to catch a cold.

Will the bitch menstruate?
What to do if the dog is menstruation

6 Try not to provoke

Will the bitch come to menstruation? During the estrus, the dog is in a state of excitement, and the emotions are easier to excite. At this time, you'd better not provoke it to avoid it to hurt you by mistake, and avoid the strenuous exercise of pets. accidental injury.

During the estrus, the dogs should pay more attention to the above matters, but when your dog's estrus period, the mucus secreted in the estrus is very dark, lasting for a long time and odor. This is abnormal. Some inspections.