The Importance of Disinfection for Family Pet Keeping Scientifically

The Importance of Disinfection for Family Pet Keeping Scientifically

Why should we raise pets? As a family partner, how can we get along with it for a long time? Some pets often go out to contact the external environment. How can we protect its health and our human own safety? How do you answer, do you regularly deworming and vaccination, or is it forbidden to go out to play and deprive them of joy? Or go out with a pet to prevent them from contacting other children? Each answer has its truth. Regular deworming is to prevent some parasites from being sick and livestock, regular vaccines, and also to prevent dogs from getting malignant infectious diseases. Now there are many manufacturers in imported vaccines. For vaccines, doctors and parents may often ignore family disinfection.

Disinfection: First is to prevent pet diseases and infectious diseases. For infectious diseases, preventing better treatment, avoiding contact with the source of infectious diseases is the best way to prevent infectious diseases. Most infectious pathogens of cats and dogs are transmitted through feces, respiratory discharge, reproductive tract secretions or urine. Many infectious pathogens have a certain resistance to the environment and can be transmitted by contacting the polluted environment (pollutant). Due to plague and rabies, people and animals can live life and livestock, and it is very important to avoid transmission of infectious pathogens between animals. Prevent infectious diseases must first identify risk factors related to infectious pathogen. As a pet doctor, you should try to understand the biological characteristics of each infectious pathogen to provide the best preventive countermeasures for animal owners and staff. Some effective vaccines can prevent infection or reduce the clinical symptoms caused by these infectious diseases. However, not all vaccines have good immune effects, or are effective for all pathogens, and some even have serious side effects on the body. At this time, environmental disinfection is essential.

The Importance of Disinfection for Family Pet Keeping Scientifically

Disinfection agent type: Disinfection drugs can be divided into solid disinfection drugs, liquid disinfection drugs, and gas disinfection drugs according to their properties.

1. Solid disinfection drugs refer to drugs without any processing itself or pink agents that are processed or processed, such as bleaching powder, bleaching essence, chloride, chloride, sodium chloride, etc.

2. Liquid disinfection drugs refer to the disinfectant of the disinfection agent or the preparation of liquid. It is convenient to disinfect the items that need to be sprayed, rinsed, and soaked on the surface.

3. Gas disinfection drugs such as ethylene, propylene oxide, etc.

Relatively speaking, the disinfectant can kill the virus and bacteria in the environment well, but it requires high concentration and long -term effects to kill the insect eggs, pockets and oysters of the parasitic. Cleaning is the key to lowering these pathogenic medical infections. Washing agents or water vapor cleaning can kill most of the pathogens. The garbage market should be cleaned with cleaner and boiling water.

Pet owner disinfection misunderstanding:

1. Many owners like to use the 84 disinfectant sold in human pharmacies, which contain chlorine compounds. The owner often describes the doctor that this can effectively remove the taste of pets. The mucosa of the respiratory tract has caused great harm to both owners and pets, especially the cat's sense of smell is not sensitive. Such stimuli can easily cause cats to sneeze and severely form chronic rhinitis.

2. There is no batch number in the market and the disinfectant that looks very affordable. The owner often does not know about the types and effects of chemicals or disinfectant. But ignores the true effect of disinfectant, is there any quality assurance, will it really kill the bacterial virus? Do not buy disinfection medicines that have not been tested by the state, otherwise it will play a reaction if there is no actual effect!

3. If you like a brand, you will not trust another brand recommended by the doctor, or you like the taste of a disinfection drug without accepting other brands. The fact is that long -term use of a single disinfection drug will cause bacteria or viruses to produce resistance, resulting in the last disinfection drugs without any effect on this type of virus and bacteria. Families for pets are recommended to use two disinfection drugs alternately.

4. Disinfection time and function position. Some owners are locked into the house before leaving the pets every day, and then sprayed with disinfectant. Some owners only disinfect the dog's cage, and some even only after the dogs go out and play back. Spray disinfection liquid on the dog. I suggest that all supplies for regular disinfection of pets every week include food basins and small nests. You can use disinfected water mopping and cleaning rags every day. And hair, but don't sterilize water to spray on your body.

In summary, the pet owner is best to go to a regular pet hospital to buy small irritating, formal batch number and manufacturer disinfection drugs. At the same time, the doctor's suggestion should be properly disinfected to play the best role in preventing diseases. Protecting pets, more importantly, we humans also exempt from virus infringement.