Some points for attention in keeping dogs cool for summer.

Some points for attention in keeping dogs cool for summer.

Some points for attention in keeping dogs cool for summer.
Golden Retriever (details)

When a dog is suffering from heatstroke, the cranial nerve system will be seriously damaged, so even if the owner lowers the dog's temperature to normal with cold water, the dog should still be sent to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

1. Prepare more birdbaths, because even if you prepare a big bucket of water for your dog, it may be spilled by naughty dogs. Therefore, as a careful owner, it is better to prepare more water at home, so that dogs can drink it if they want.

2. Avoid exposing your dog to the hot sun. Try to place your dog in a place where the air is circulated and the sun is avoided. If necessary, turn on the electric fan at any time, or turn on the air conditioner for dogs that are extremely afraid of heat.

3. Dog houses, garages, small yards or other simple buildings or bunkers can be good shade places for dogs. However, the temperature in these places will also rise rapidly. As a careful host, you can install a thermometer in these places to observe the temperature change at any time. Or you can experience it yourself in the venue. If you feel uncomfortable, the dogs who are afraid of the heat can't stand it.

4. In a car parked in the sun, the temperature in the car will rise rapidly in a few minutes, so the owner should never leave the dog alone in the car in the hot sun unless you want to see a "hot dog" when you come back. If you only get off the bus for a short time, park your vehicle in the shade, open some windows to keep the air flowing, and try to return within 5 minutes.

5. In cool weather, even if the dog's exercise volume is larger, it may not be physically exhausted. However, in hot summer, the dog's exercise volume must be significantly reduced, so as to avoid strenuous exercise in hot and humid weather. You must take a rest when you should rest, and you should not let your dog's temper lead you to unrestrained exercise.

6. Wearing a long coat not only makes others look hot, but also makes dogs feel hot when wearing it. Therefore, regular hair trimming for long-haired dogs will make it easy for dogs to dissipate heat, but pay attention to the length and style of trimming. If it is too short or too ugly, dogs will be embarrassed to go out.

7. When the weather is extremely hot, try to avoid taking your dog to the streets. If you must take it to the street, you'd better use a traction belt. Try not to put it in an airtight pet bag. The best time to go out is at dusk. If your dog is very afraid of the heat, you can take a small umbrella to shade him, or take a watering can to spray some water on him to cool down.