Daily nursing of dog's ears

Daily nursing of dog's ears

In the daily feeding of puppies and kittens, we must not only pay attention to the nursing and nutritional supplements of hair, but also more important and common diseases are the diseases of the ear canal. Find the position of the sofa or the side of the bed to rub and rub the ear. More severe, the rear of the ears with the back of the ears with the back of the ears almost continuously, and at the same time make some uncomfortable or even howling sounds. When there is a problem, it has reached the condition of hematoma or even purulent infection, so why do dogs and cats happen these behaviors or diseases that we have not seen in our human beings? How to prevent and care? Let's take a look together.

There are many causes of ear canal diseases. Common bacterial infections, fungal infections, mite infections or mixed infections, internal humidity of the ear canal or temperature increase, excess ear wax formation, allergic reactions, endocrine disorders, abnormal keratinization, foreign body stimulus Wait, it may cause ear canal diseases.

Golden retriever outer earitis

Daily nursing of dog's ears
Ear itchy mites under microscope shooting

1. For healthy nargers and cats , such as Husky, Samoyed, Black Back, Corgi, etc., check at least whether there are foreign objects in the lower ear canal per week, and use mild ear oil or at the same time Cleaning solution helps cleaning (the cleaner should avoid high alcohol, which can only be used for treatment and cannot be used for prevention). Prevention is better than cure.

2. For the weep -ear dogs , such as Beijing -Pakistan, Barca, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Spert, Big and Bagu, etc. The owner of a variety of dogs should regularly check and clean up the ear canal, and also need to pay extra. When the dog sleeps, you should help open your ears properly to expose the ear canal and let the ears breathe freely. The way of disease.

3. For dogs with too much ear canal , such as Teddy, Bear Bear, Sherry, Yorkonia, etc., from one and a half months, they should often allow them to adapt to people's fingers' touchs. Touch, open your ears, drop your ear hair powder, gently roots, and coat it evenly. After ten minutes, clean the ear hair until hairless, and then clean it with ear oil. Clean up at least twice.

4. For dogs or cats or cats with abnormal secretions or smells in the ear canal , first of all, ask the doctor to help the examination of the test. Medication, symptomatic treatment, and cleaning methods are introduced in remarks. The taboo owner used medication at home, which finally led to serious drug resistance and ear canal hyperplasia of the pets. A good pet doctor will help the owner to clean up the ear canal in time and adopt the best treatment plan, which not only saves the host time, but also gives advice that is suitable for your baby.

5. Severe otitis media , if you find that the baby's ears have strong pain or purulent secretions, you must go to the hospital to ask the doctor to help the examination and diagnosis. The diagnosis is not complicated, but how to treat it is more complicated, please do not ignore or carelessness. Doctors will help your dogs to deal with long -term existence factors, remove dirt, and use technical irrigation to achieve the effect of eliminating inflammation and eliminating infection.

Pet owners clean their ears at home into six steps : 1. Pour the product into the ear canal. 2. Massage the bottom of the ear. 3. Remove the excess and unspoken liquid. 4. Let pets throw your head freely. 5. Repeat cleanup once. 6. Clean up the ear canal with a cotton swab with a fixed cotton swab dipped in the potion, leaving no dead ends (to choose a good cotton swab to clean it to avoid the cotton swab head tribe in the ear canal).