How to shape pet feces?

How to shape pet feces?

How to shape pet poop?

How to shape pet feces?

——On the application value of "Du Keqing FS9022" nutrients in pet food to promote the formation of pet feces and eliminate toxic substances in the body

(partially abridged)

Excerpted from "Pet Food Manufacturing Technology and Application"

In view of the current problems of pet feces that are not formed, and often have high water content in feces (diarrhea), the reasons for the inducement and the main factors leading to the problem are analyzed, and effective control schemes and solutions are proposed.

In real production work, we often encounter the symptoms of irregular feces, high water content in feces, diarrhea and diarrhea after pets have eaten some food (dry food, snacks) from some enterprises. Many consumers use this to judge

1. First of all, let's understand the main factors of unformed feces and high water content.

1.1 Informed feces is a common symptom, which means that the frequency of feces significantly exceeds the usual habit, the feces are thin, water is increased, or contains undigested food or mucus.

1.2 When the endocrine water in the pet’s intestinal cavity exceeds the normal level, the excreted feces will show shapeless, non-pathological diarrhea, etc.

1.3 The main substances that cause excessive water secretion in the intestinal lumen are the toxic substances and toxins that survive in the intestinal lumen of the body.

1.4 The surface of intestinal mucosa is damaged by toxic substances, resulting in the inability of the intestinal mucosa to form the protective layer film required by physiology.


4. The concept of adding the effective substance Dukeqing FS9022 to pet food and the introduction of the main components.

4.1 The manufacturing process of Du Keqing FS9022 is based on the internationally popular technical formula provided by New Zealand P.R Pet Care Center for our center.

4.2 The main function of Du Keqing FS9022 is to promote the detoxification of the pet's own body, prevent diarrhea, reduce the water content of feces, ensure the formation of feces, and take into account the effects of improving taste freshness, food attraction, palatability, and feed intake; by improving the endocrine state of pets

4.3 Du Keqing FS9022 is a micro-added nutrient, and the general application amount in pet food (main food) is 1-3/3. The micro-addition can effectively control the excessive moisture content in the feces and promote the formation of the feces.


8. Selection and purpose of the control group experiment:

8.1 30 pet dogs in the experimental field of our center were fed for a period of 14 days, and the feeding dogs were divided into three groups: group A, group B, and group C.

8.2 The main test direction is to observe and analyze the changes of the three groups of pets' physiological discomfort after eating Du Keqing FS9022, as well as the discomfort after overdose.

8.3 The promoting effect of Du Keqing FS9022 on the fecal formation of experimental dogs in group B and the variation after use in groups A and C.

9. Data statistics and conclusions of the experimental group after 14 days.


9.4 There was no abnormal change in pets in group A; the water content of pet feces in group B was 33.33% lower than that in group A, and the feces were obviously formed; the water content of pet feces in group C was lower than 34.42% in group A, and the feces were obviously formed, and no abnormal pets were found.

9.5 Detection of toxic substances in pet feces: no abnormal changes were found in pets in group A; the content of toxic substances in pet feces in group B was 93.63% lower than that in group A, and the feces had no odor;

9.6 After statistics, the data are in line with the above-mentioned viewpoints and conclusions, and it is recommended to add an appropriate amount to pet food, the best recommendation is 3/1000, and there is no variation in excess.

9.6.1 Du Keqing FS9022 has the functions of preventing pet diarrhea, promoting the formation of pet feces, and removing toxic substances in the intestinal cavity of the body.


10. The main factors of diarrhea and diarrhea in pets are divided into two categories: pathological diarrhea and nutritional diarrhea.


To sum up, with the continuous improvement of domestic pet food technology, the nutritional needs have risen from the balanced nutritional ratio of employees to the level of effective prevention and health promotion. Therefore, the specific requirements for pet food, such as: promoting health, removing