Sorting out the knowledge of CHD hip dysplasia in dogs

Sorting out the knowledge of CHD hip dysplasia in dogs


What is CHD?

Canine Hip Dysplasia referred to as CHD, which is called "hip developmental disease" in Chinese. It is commonly known as "the thighs are not tight", but not "congenital dislocation".

CHD is normal hip joint after birth, but because the bone grows too fast, muscle growth cannot keep up, which causes the femoral head to be led to the spleen acetop joint by the muscles.(Betal) Between the spheres), we must be able to be closely integrated with each other during the entire growth period, that is, the spleen acetabus must be deep enough.Small and perfectly combined.

Because the hip joint is an important joint of weight, it is mainly composed of the structure of the sphere and the cavity nest.The hip joint connects the pelvis with the lower limbs. The part of the sphere is the endpoint of the femoral (thigh bone), and the cavity nest (spleen acetabeds) is part of the pelvis.The joint of a real sphere and the cavity nest can be used in three -dimensional direction, but the hip joint of the dog is not an joint of the relationship between ordinary spheres and nest, because it can have free movement in the fourth dimension direction.: The head (sphere) of the femur can leave the spleen movement out.

Although it is the most special place in this joint (which can make the connected attached limb for any direction), if the joint becomes too relaxed, problems may occur.Because when the head of the femur is shifted too much to the outside, and when it leaves it originally in the spleen acetraphy, this will cause the hip joint to produce greater compression and abnormal friction when weighing weight.

Therefore, the spleen nest is not developed deep enough and the femoral head of the femoral head is not formed and combined with relaxation. The sphere on the femoral head is very easy to leave the normal position in the spleen aphrodisiac.The greater pressure and abnormal friction will cause the pain of the dog's pain and joint damage and degeneration.

Strictly speaking, CHD is a degenerate effects caused by many common diseases.Gene), common genetic characteristics and multi -factor (affected by many non -genetic factors).Therefore, it is a very complicated genetic disease. According to relevant research, even if it is a dog without CHD, it is possible to produce dogs with CHD diseases, because the surface symptoms do not show CHD genes.Related studies also show that the acquired environment and breeding factors will not produce CHD and cannot prevent CHD from occurring, but it will aggravate or slow down the symptoms of CHD.

How to judge whether it is CHD

Some doctors are judged by a palpation or appearance, but according to relevant foreign research, it is believed that the X -ray film must be diagnosed by a professional doctor in order to correctly determine whether it is CHD. In the United States, there is an organization called OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.URL:, as long as the fee is paid at $ 10, you can give X -rays to them to determine it. According to OFA's approach, it is only before the age of two.Because the dog was still developing before the age of two, it was possible that when the development rate of femoral heads and spleen acetoplens was different when they were young, the phenomenon of hip development was caused.If the hip joint changes seriously, CHD gradually appears, so the final judgment must be made after the development is completed.

Remarks: OFA's X -ray film analysis has seven levels: Excellent, Good, FAIR, Borderline, Mild, Modrate, and SEVERE each X -ray film will be analyzed by 3 experts. The final rating is the average rating of 3 experts.value.

Because CHD is a developed disease, if you do not see the symptoms of hip development at the age of two, you can judge that it is not CHD, and can be used as a reproduction. In foreign countries, dogs with CHD are prohibited.The babies are prohibited from breeding, and they will be traced back to the parents dogs and even the relevant direct -tie dogs related to the previous generations and stop breeding.The organization was established to establish a database to inquire for a qualified dog.

Remarks: Currently shooting X -rays is the best way to determine CHD. Any other palpation (touch your feet ~ touch the bone), visual.EssenceEssenceIt can only judge CHD in a superficial method and cannot be determined exactly.Because there are many types of diseases in canine orthopedics, it is not just a CHD.Dogs walk around, eight, power, does not mean that it is CHD!IntersectionIntersection

When will the CHD check?

It is generally believed that too early X -rays cannot determine that CHD means that too early X -ray check that normal does not mean that the hip joint is normal. It must be determined by 95 % until at least one and a half years and a half.Early health care and treatment can be performed due to early diagnosis, which will be a great gospel for animals and owners.

When will you start a CHD check?

Professional doctors believe that when four months old, they should be checked for CHD because the dogs of the four months before are still in case of preventing needle injection. During the prevention of needle injection, the dogs are as comfortable without compression.Moreover, the negative rate of CHD was high in four months ago. Therefore, even if four months before checking the CHD, you must wait for four months before surgical treatment.In addition, due to CHD's surgery, in addition to the dog's symptoms and X -ray examination, it depends on the age of the dog to choose from.

If CHD is not found in 4 months, the second inspection must be performed when 6 months old. Because CHD is found in 6 months, the surgery must be performed.Essence

If you are not found when you are 6 months old, you can wait for 1 year before confirmation.Therefore, the four -month -old CHD inspection is more appropriate.

Remarks: Recent studies have pointed out that the composition of the February pupplings of the puppies in February can predict whether the development of the hip joint is normal, and the early diagnosis of CHD can be made.

Precautions for X -rays

According to OFA's regulations, the dog's determination of X -rays required by CHD must be exposed in accordance with the posture requirements required by the organization's regulations in accordance with the posture required by the American Veterinary Medicaal Association.

According to the research report, OFA's standard posture X -rays cannot correctly diagnose CHD, that is, the negative rate is high, so it must be waited for 24 months to confirm the diagnosis. At present, the more correct early determination method is the University of Pennsylvania (UNI-Versity of Pennsylvania) The Penn HIP method, that is, the DISTRAC-TION Index method. In addition, there is still a dorsolateral sublux, the back-side joints (Dorsal Acetabular Rim View), and the back side.Frog Leg, Axial Femur View, Bardertscher View, Flucki-Ger View, etc. are used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.

clinical symptoms and influence of CHD

The clinical symptoms of CHD generally appear between April and December, but there are also a few dogs who appear between 12 and 36 months.Some dogs may not have any symptoms in a few years.CHD's clinical symptoms have a large range of changes, from very slight discomfort to severe clamor.The main manifestations of dogs are: (1) unwilling to exercise, decreased activity; (2) difficulty in standing after lying down; (3) showing a bunny gesture when running; (4)Sex); (5) Do not jump in training; (6) Labor after exercise; (7) The hind limbs shake, especially puppies at 8-16 weeks; (8)Causes pain.

How to avoid creating CHD

CHD is inherited by genes. Anyone who cares for and prevents such a tragedy. Only under the long -term system records and tracking breeding dogs, and under a good and rigorous reproduction system and supervision, can such tragedies be effectively reduced.

In particular, it is necessary to avoid close relatives and dog breeding with CHD. The blood login system is not just a manifestation of the dog's value. The correct but not fraudulent blood login system is an important basis and good recipe for tracking the genetic source of the dog's genetic sources.

Only human conscience, goodness, and good deeds can avoid loyal love dogs from escaping physical and mental pain.To set up an institution to restrict the breeding farm, a dog must have no bad genetic factors to reproduce, it is one of the most effective ways to avoid the production of CHD.

CHD treatment and health care

The symptoms of CHD are very large, and the severe dogs are almost as normal as normal dogs, while severe cases are not good.Therefore, CHD's treatment and health care should be dependent on clinical symptoms. Different medical and health considerations are done according to the degree. In X -rays, there are severe degenerative arthritis dogs in X -rays.Only for health care.

Generally speaking, CHD's health principle is as follows:

First, strictly control weight, avoid excessive weight and increase joint load.The weight standard is to measure the ribs and intestinal bone wings easily;

Second, limit the actions of the dog, avoid intense exercise such as running, jumping;

3. Avoid running, lying or going up and down the stairs on hard ground;

Fourth, the places where the dogs lying or sleeping are covered with comfortable and warm cushions, and high friction flooring (recommended "anti -slip pads") in the activity space to facilitate the dog's easy to climb and walk;

Fifth, maintaining an appropriate amount of activity can make the muscles strongly and maintain joint lubrication, such as short -distance walking, and swimming is a good exercise;

6. Once you are diagnosed with CHD, don't supplement the dogs to supplement calcium;

Seven, moderate massage.

Winter is coming, and the cushion should be favored by dogs.It is more difficult to swim outdoors in winter, and open -air hot springs are not difficult to find places with moderate temperature to let dogs practice swimming; buy a bath barrel at home to move it well, but it is not funded.The above -mentioned 1 ~ 4 methods are mainly to reduce the damage of joints to joints. The fifth point is the positive activity to help dogs increase muscles and cultivate a bit of bones to cope with future aging. Special attention should be paid to the 6th point.If you have been diagnosed with CHD and then continue to supplement calcium, it is easy to cause the dog's hip joint to calcify prematurely, thereby making the disease evil.The 7th statement is that moderate massage can help the dog's joints comfortable. This amount can be tried to do it.

Those with mild CHD symptoms need to strictly control weight and avoid intense exercise.In addition to the above -mentioned health care principles, doctors will also treat pain or anti -inflammatory prescriptions.

In addition, in order to promote the production of joints of the joints, it is also recommended to give the dog's health food for the dogs or Shark Cartilage.However, these are not health products without disease. Before eating, let's evaluate more!In order to avoid the degenerative joints of the dog in his later years, even Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage could not help him. The dosage of this health product is heavier and heavier!

Supplement: physical therapy for hip joint disease -spa

Swimming: Make the joints enhance the strength of the muscles due to the exercise of the limbs;

WHIRLPOOL: Promote the rehabilitation of the muscles with the impulse of the water column;

Water Treammill: In the water tank, the dog can follow the movement of the walking zone. At the same time, because the buoyancy in the water, the joint does not need to be overwhelmed, and the muscle strength is enhanced.

Sorting out the knowledge of CHD hip dysplasia in dogs

can solve most people's questions about CHD

Q: I heard that taking medicine and maintaining it well, you can "recover". You don't have to operate. Is it true?

A: It is really important to maintain it well. It can slow down the impact of CHD on dogs, but at present, "no drug" can be treated with CHD!The shark cartilage and glucosamine often say that they only eat too much and eat too early "maintenance products", and eat too early ~~~ It will produce anti -effects and side effects.

The impact of painkillers is greater, so be sure to take the instructions of the doctor again!Abuse of painkillers may make your dog forget the pain and walk back to self -confidence and style. The owner thinks that the dog is returning to normal. In fact, the joint wear is more serious!

Q: I know there are many ways to operate. Which one is good?The highest success rate?

A: First correct a concept:

"It wasn't for the surgery, and it was once and for all! Any surgical surgery has risks, and it cannot guarantee 100%success and healing!" It is just a specialist with good medical skills. The success rate of the operation will be relatively high.This is the case in the veterinarian field, the same is true for human medicine?(Why do the doctor ask the patient to sign the surgical consent before the knife, which is the reason)

In terms of hip joints, several common surgical treatment methods

(1) JPS: Do it before six months, preventive surgery, low cost, not necessarily effective, may not change well, or it may not change.

(2) TPO: It was done before nine months. It is a major surgery. The cost is medium and the results are significant. However, the three -month recovery period is required for the follow -up. It is a major challenge for the owner.In addition, the proportion of degenerative arthritis (DJD) when TPO to the old dog will be high (but please note that dogs without CHD may also suffer from DJD)

(3) Herbal head resection: Destroyer surgery, most doctors adopted, the lowest cost, the last line of defense of CHD, the cut is broken, and it is over.

(4) Artificial joint surgery: The best effect. After surgery, dogs can exercise like normal dogs, but the most expensive, and few veterinarians will do it in China.

Q: Can the dogs suffering from CHD can't exercise?

A: In fact, dogs with CHD still need to "appropriate exercise" because you still need to maintain a certain muscle strength of the dog's hind legs. For example, if you consider helping the dog undergo arthropyic joint surgery in the future, if the dog's legs will then, the dog's legsMuscle weakness, it is not suitable to change the articular joint,

Because there will be great difficulties in rehabilitation!As for how to define the "appropriate exercise", it is very simple: "Try to avoid the sports type of the" hind leg "burden (load)" for example: jumping, jumping, climbing stairs ~~~ The more suitable way of exercise: hurry up, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming(But also depends on the "live environment" to be concerned)

Q: How to avoid buying puppies with CHD problems?

A: First of all, the amount must be explained to everyone, that is, there is no dog house in the world, which can ensure that the puppy he breeds is "100%" without CHD.At best, he can guarantee that "selling" dogs 100%will not have a CHD problem (because it may be sold and screened to eliminate the diseased dogs, and the dogs are not sold), but the dogs can ensure that "breeding out"100%of the dogs will not have the problem of CHD, that's also nonsense. I don't need to consider buying it with him, it is clear that the bragging is made, haha ~~~

OK, since it cannot "completely avoid risks", what we have to do is "try to reduce risk"!

There are two ways to reduce the risk of winning the bid: (of course, all are very negative methods)

(1) Before buying a dog, confirm whether the dog father and the dog mother have received X -ray checks on the hip joint. It can be better to do full -body health check.Many, this is also what the owner who is currently intending to engage in breeding should be done.

(2) Select the "good credit" dog house, please note that the quin is the word "good credit", rather than "standards" because in our country, it really requires that the dog house is consistent with the foreigner's identification dog house standards.It is very difficult!(Of course, we still have to continue to promote these concepts.

all in all!In fact, CHD is not terrible (there is no fatal disease, what's so scared!), The terrible thing is that human ignorance and greed, making this CHD disease like a locust accident.healthy.Greed, make some unscrupulous dogs complex, to caters to consumers to pick up cheap mentality, breed and dump in low prices; but dogs have become their only innocent victims!