Several Ways to Control Dog Pregnancy

Several Ways to Control Dog Pregnancy

Several Ways to Control Dog Pregnancy
Golden Retriever (detail introduction)

If you don't want the dog to have birth, you can ligate after his first estrus. The ligation of the bitch is usually removed all the uterus and ovaries. The male dogs remove the male reproductive organs such as testicles and auxiliary tests. After removal, they will not have sexual abilities.

In fact, there are 3 ways to help bitch births, all of which can avoid pregnancy:

1. Conditioning needle:

This is a hormones. During the injection, pets will not be estrus, but once the injection stops, it will resume estrus after a few months. But because of the danger of side effects, this method has gradually eliminated.

2. Take contraceptive pills:

Give contraceptive pills before the female dog's estrus, inhibit hormones and avoid pregnancy. However, this is the same as having a confession needle. It is short -lived and needs to be given continuously, and it also has side effects for dogs.

3. Surgical removal ovarian uterus:

This is the most specific and effective way to recommend veterinarians.

If you don't plan to give birth to a bitch, surgery can be performed in about 8 months. Before ligation, it must be more than 8 to 12 hours on an empty stomach, because the surgery must be performed in a general anesthesia. If there is no fasting, the food in the stomach may enter the trachea against the trachea and cause danger.

Most healthy dogs should be restricted after surgery. Generally speaking, the safety of surgery is very high. If the dog in the home does not intend to have children, it is best to have a ligation surgery, so that it will not get lesions such as pus, breast cancer, and uterine tumors.

In fact, it is not possible to ligation or plan to have a puppy. In fact, it is not possible to have management in the estrus period, and the possibility of a higher proportion of the elderly. The proportion of uterine diseases will be reduced, but there will still be opportunities for illness, so pay more attention.