How to prevent diarrhea in pet dogs

How to prevent diarrhea in pet dogs

How to prevent diarrhea in pet dogs

Viruses, bacteria, environmental changes, food allergies, swallowing foreign bodies, organic phosphorus and plant poisoning, parasitic insects, etc. can cause dog diarrhea. When a dog has diarrhea, it is difficult for the owner to distinguish the cause according to the diarrhea. It is even more distressed to watch the beloved dog sick. Then, the prevention of diarrhea is very important. Let me talk about what should be paid attention to when preventing diarrhea.

First, feed

Dog feeding should be quantitative regularly and develop good eating habits, which helps its gastrointestinal function. Do not make the dog hungry, it will disordinate the gastrointestinal function, and it may cause refractory diarrhea. If it is a puppy within 4 months, dog food should be soaked in warm water for a while, but the soaked dog food should not be put in a long time, otherwise it will deteriorate. The dog's bones are natural, but it is best not to feed puppies, especially chicken bones. Dogs can't digest, and it is likely to pierce the digestive organs. In addition, the dog's drinking water should be cleaned, it is best to change it every half a day, because unclean water may contain a lot of bacteria or viruses.

Second, living environment

The dog's activity space and supplies should be kept clean and disinfected regularly. It should pay attention to keeping warm in winter, and maintain good ventilation in summer. If you want to take a dog or take it to another place, you should be careful about the diet, schedule, etc. on the road. People are prone to diarrhea while traveling, let alone dogs? When a dog is in another strange environment, it will have a process of adaptation. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that it has enough rest time, and it is best not to change the diet and other aspects.

Third, Play

When walking with a dog, it will like to sniff everywhere to collect more information. At this time, the owner cannot take it lightly. Do not let the dogs smell the unknown objects and not let it pick things outside (you can reduce this situation by training "fasting"). Some dogs do not eat fiber food for a long time, lack of cellulose in the body, and like to eat some plants when they are put. This should also be stopped, because some plant dogs will be poisoned when they eat them. Such as oleand, potato leaves, evergreen, etc. In addition, when I heard or find that there are other dogs nearby, especially several dogs, you should pay attention not to let your baby and other dogs close when you put it.

Fourth, immunity, deworming

Immunity is the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Dogs have many infectious diseases, such as canine plague, small virus enteritis, etc. Some of them are fatal, and once there is no special effects of treatment, only pre -vaccination is prevented. The first immunity requires a continuous injection of 3 stitches vaccine, with a interval between 2 to 4 weeks of each needle. After 3 stitches, a needle vaccine is injected every other year, because the effectiveness of the vaccine can only be maintained for 1 year. Dogs must be completely healthy when the vaccine is injected, and there should be no abnormal reactions or diseases. Generally, puppies who take home need to observe about 1 week. There is no abnormalities to inject the vaccine. Starting from the first injection of the first needle vaccine, the dog is in a dangerous period, because the vaccine is weak toxic, at this time, you cannot take a bath (to prevent a cold), and you cannot take him out for one week before 3 stitches. Essence Some diarrhea is caused by parasites in the body. Generally, puppies have parasites in the body, such as tapeworms and hookworms, which are similar to human children. Therefore, the dog needs to be deworming regularly. Generally, puppies under 1 year of age are deworming every 2 to 3 months, and adult dogs over one year of age are deworming every six months, preferably in the spring and autumn seasons.