How to treat skin diseases of German shepherd dogs?

How to treat skin diseases of German shepherd dogs?

How to treat skin diseases of German shepherd dogs?
German Shepherd (Detailed introduction)

German shepherds are short, which is also the best place for the growth of parasites (lice, fleas). There are many German dogs who have skin diseases. Due to the unwilling attention of diet, environment, and nursing, it is easy to cause German herds to infect skin diseases. This disease is highly harmful, the required treatment cycle is long, and the recurrence rate of the disease is extremely high. To this end, as long as the German Shepherd has signs of infection with skin diseases, it must be treated in advance.

Demu suffers from skin diseases. First, it should be brought to diagnosis and examination to determine the cause and then formulate a reasonable treatment method.

For skin diseases caused by fungal, you can generally use clubzole, ringworm, and Dakning ointment. It can be applied to the dog's affected area three times a day. Generally, it will have obvious treatment effects after a week.

If the German shepherd dog's skin diseases have fallacularity and inflammation, you can first choose to use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it, and then choose erystone ointment and sulfur ointment to the dog. Apply three times a day, and the treatment effect will be treated in about a week.

Common skin diseases caused by lice, fleas, and mites. First of all, you should kill Demu, such as bathing in German Mu with enemy cachines, or dripping some insects. Of course, you can also use Chinese medicine to "100" fried water to take a bath for De Mu. the goal of. For mites, you can use sulfur ointment and apply it in the place where German skin infection. The effect of the treatment is still good.

Note: To treat skin diseases for German shepherds, you must not give up halfway. Skin disease is a very stubborn disease and a high recurrence rate. In the process of treating skin diseases for German Mu, the environment should be ensured, and the German shepherds should be prevented from being infected with parasites again, and skin diseases are induced again. Once the skin disease recurs again, the treatment process will be more troublesome, and the treatment time will be longer.