How to ensure the safety of dogs in cars?

How to ensure the safety of dogs in cars?

Now, cars are a very common transportation. Parents can take their dogs directly to play. However, many dogs do not like to take a car or move when they are in a car, which will be dangerous. How to ensure the safety of dogs by car?

How to ensure the safety of dogs in cars?
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1. Let the dogs happy in the car

Some dogs are born to take a car, such as most German shepherds, which has something to do with dog breeds, and has something to do with dogs' personality and experience. Of course, there are still some dogs who are born with a car. If your dog is unfortunate, you don't like to take a car. You can use this method to train it: every time you take the car, put some delicious snacks and clean drinks in the car Water, or put its favorite small toy on a car seat. In this way, the dog can connect the car with a beautiful and happy feeling, and establish a conditional reflection. Over time, it will naturally like to take a car. Of course, don't forget to collect snacks before driving.

2. Small ways to protect the seats

Whether it is Mercedes -Benz or BMW, the service target of the car seat design is human. The large and adjustable leather seats are very pleasant, but this is not the feeling of a dog. The dog will spit his tongue in excitement in the car, flows to the seat, and keep scratching when it is irritable, and the strong seat will be damaged. At this time, you can put a few newspapers on the seat, or simply make a small chair cover. Although it is simple, it can effectively protect the seats. If you love your car and love your dog, try it.

3. Small ways to ensure driving safety

We can protect ourselves safely in cars where high -speed driving, but this seat belt is not good for dogs. Once the brake is braked, the dog will hit the car body like an artillery shell, which is very dangerous. You can put the dog into a dog box to solve this problem. The dog box is small, holding the dog's body tightly, like the helmet worn on the worker's head. In emergency braking, the dog box can ensure that the damage to the dog is minimized. At the same time, the dog box can also ensure that the dog will not interfere with the driver during driving to avoid danger.

4. Small ways to deal with dogs with random screaming

There are all birds when Lin Zi, and dogs have their own personality. Some dogs like to plane on the chair, and some dogs are ambitious to be a road singer. They sing in the car and yell. For dogs who love messy planers, you can spray seats with a bitter liquid, and at the same time put a dog's favorite toy in the car to divert its attention; to deal with dogs with two throats, in addition to putting on a cage, Also, you need to strengthen your usual obedience training.

5. Small ways to deal with excessive dogs

For cars without a film, direct sunlight will cause the dogs in the car to restless. At the same time, the summer sunlight will also increase the temperature in the car quickly, which is not good for the dog's health and driving safety. The solution is very simple. It is OK to post a shade sticker on the window, or just put a sunscreen film for the window.