Communicate with the dog's mind, and there is no barrier to communication.

Communicate with the dog's mind, and there is no barrier to communication.

It is said that dogs are very loyal animals. Their obedience is very good. There are also many videos that dogs are coquettish and helping the owner on the Internet. Spend. In fact, this is all about the master's teaching and training, and the communication between dogs and owners is also very important. How can we let the dogs and owners communicate with barrier -free communication?

Dogs can remember many words of human beings, and the owner also needs to communicate with dogs by body language

I. How Dogs understand people to speak
1. Diseases with dogs
Scientists have found that dogs seem to communicate with humans with eyes and find what you speak from your eyes. In fact, dogs can think about things through your eyes, just like children aged 2 to 3, you can continue to learn your eyes.
2. Thinking is like a child.
Dogs are equivalent to 2 -year -old children. Dogs are very smart animals. They have communication skills with humans. The child is even bigger.
3. Dogs will analyze eyes.
Scientists currently believe that dogs use human eyes to analyze the passwords and complete their own work. It is also said that dogs or human babies can communicate with adults through their eyes. Dogs can analyze the content of human speech through different times of contact with different eyelids and different levels and tones.
4. Tone judgment good or bad
Dogs can judge it from tone and expression to praise it or criticize it. Therefore, when training dogs, there must be obvious differences in the tone of praise and criticism, and don't be vague. When the dogs do well, they must be gentle and enthusiastic in their commendation and encouragement tone.
5. Strong natural learning ability
Dogs have strong nature learning and adaptability. A puppy who has just been taken home can soon know what names they are. Where is the pot water basin, you can soon know your master.

Communicate with the dog's mind, and there is no barrier to communication.
Teaching dogs to need the patience of the owner, the dogs occasionally rebellion, the owner must not scold

2. Teach dogs and pay attention to
1. performance is good for rewards.
There is no free lunch in the world. Based on conditional reflection theory, let the dog make some behavior first, and then give rewards to rewards Essence If you train your dog to sit down before you have something to eat, you can go out first.
2. Demonstration of teachings
If you want you to take a certain action, you must do it first. For example, if you want a dog to go out, you must walk in front of the dog, go out first, go up and down the stairs first, the dog will learn and follow.
3. Do not condonate
Teaching dogs to learn new things. Instead of effect, you need to be patient and do a few more repeated actions. Training allows dogs to sit and lie down for 5 ~ 20 minutes to train the dog's self -control ability.
4. Keep a certain indifference.
If your dogs do something attempt to attract your attention, please ignore it firmly! Because leaders will only take the initiative to pay attention to his subordinates. When the dog is looking for you to play with you ~ I don't care about him, because only the leader has the right to decide when to start playing the game.
5. Repeat the same command
If you send an order and the dog is not executed! You should help him complete your command instead of repeating orders. Repeat only once, if the dog is not obedient for the first time, it will not get the food or play it it wants.
6. The owner avoids behavior during training.
Avoid scolding: When the dog does not want him to do what he does, please ignore him and avoid scolding, because in the dog's view, scolding is better than that he is better than him. There are more. Avoid punishment: Teaching dogs' correct behavior, but not punishing it, teaching carefully, dog talents are good.