Remember that at four o'clock, Huskies can survive the season change healthily.

Remember that at four o'clock, Huskies can survive the season change healthily.

Remember that at four o'clock, Huskies can survive the season change healthily.

In March of Yangchun, everything recovered. Do you know that Husky is vulnerable to various diseases during the season? Such as influenza invasion. The following points are places that I need to pay attention to the special needs of Husky during the change of the seasons collected.

Place of attention to breeding Husky during the season: shading

Husky loves to embrace nature, let Husky take the sun and hit a small cricket at noon, which is a great enjoyment in their lives, especially the approachable spring warm sun can remove the mold accumulated by Husky in winter. have to! Although the sun in the spring is not as good as the summer sun, but it will still affect the health of Husky because it is too hot or direct in ultraviolet rays for a long time. Therefore, shading is the first step in the health care of dogs in spring. When the sun is strong, it may wish to add a curtain to Husky to cover the sun. For Husky who raised outdoors, you can consider helping them in a shed or avoiding the sun, and choose the location of the sunbathing according to their own situation.

Place of attention to breeding Husky during the season: cold

In the spring day, we pay attention to shading, and in order to overcome the temperature at night, it is necessary to strengthen the cold. Husky, which is raised outdoors, is like a thermometer. Some temperature differences can be sensitive to their physical condition, so you can add a layer of blankets such as a blanket to the Huski nest. It can also make Husky sleep more comfortably at night, so small and intimately, let your Husky spring health care plan make it easy and laborious.

Where to pay attention to the Husky During the Season: Except Worm

As the weather is getting warmer and the temperature rises, not only you and Husky began to move, but even flea and dust mites are active. When you take a walk to the grass, the flea and ticks take the opportunity to jump on the Husky body, so Make a cleaning of insects for Husky. In addition, Husky may have fleas without going out, because the larvae lurking in the dog house in winter, hatched as the temperature rises, so it becomes a schedule for flea in spring. Moreover, once the Husky fleas are difficult to cure, so before these parasites have started, they must completely clean and disinfect the dog house and the surrounding environment and keep them clean. There are also many preventive medicines and deworming medicines on the market. You can find professional veterinarians or pharmacies for consultation.

Place of attention to breeding Husky during the season: Diligence

When we replaced the winter clothing show spring, Husky also changed hair in the early spring of spring, and their hair would be replaced from the warm hair in winter to the easier to dissipate heat in summer. Generally speaking, the entire process of changing hair takes a few weeks to complete. At this time, the owner must be used to use a comb or brushing with a brush to remove the hair to promote the blood circulation of the Husky skin. You can also help Husky comb the soft and shiny body hair!

Pets in spring and pay attention to disinfection

Spring is the high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases, and it is also the multiple season of various pets. Regardless of the health of pets or pets, disinfection of daily necessities and home environment is a means to effectively prevent various diseases in spring.

Many people and animals are commonly spread to humans during the contact between humans and animals. In spring, the weather is heating, the virus activity continues to improve, and the wind is windy, and the virus transmitted by the droplets is attached to the pet fur, making pets a susceptible object and even a source of infection. Spread. However, pets of pets require certain conditions.

Generally speaking, urban families are conditionally controlled. The first is that the source of pets should be healthy. Do not let them go out to "run away" at home; feed clean water, dog food, cat food, not feed raw or contaminated foods; The veterinary hospital is diagnosed and treated; there is also a attention to daily hygiene. After contacting the excrement of animals, to wash your hands, the daily utensils of animals should be kept clean and often disinfected.