How to Conduct Husky Indoor Training

How to Conduct Husky Indoor Training

How to Conduct Husky Indoor Training
Husky (detail introduction)

the first day of picking up the puppy home

Before Husky and you went home, he slept with his mother or brothers and sisters, so a few night before, they would be lonely and afraid. I even cry.

The following suggestions may be helpful:

Play the radio (placed in a safe place), a comfortable small mat, a safe toy.

You can use theobobe nest sold on the world. It is not recommended to use sheepskin or hairy nest. Because the puppy tears the hair on the top, as long as a pinch of wool is enough to kill a puppy.

If you get up at night to see them, then just look at it once. Otherwise you will find that you destroy their rest. And your puppy will want to see you at night. Maybe he will be lonely and sad at first, but he will adjust himself. So don't worry.

Husky's bed is his property and asylum. When they are in the nest, please do not disturb them or ask them to leave.

The puppy will sleep a lot when he is young. But their senses are still working, so when they sleep, try not to disturb them.

Dog Dental Domestic Fixed -point Upper Toilet

After the dog just woke up, and after meals, they immediately put them outside the door, or on the newspaper. Slowly they will know where to go BB. When you see them squatting down in the room to prepare BB, do not condone it. Be sure to hold it immediately, put it outside the door or the newspaper, and tell them: stool, hurry up. Or anything you want to say until the purpose is achieved. Then give them a reward and let them return to the house.

If you are not arrested everywhere, please do not scold them anymore, which will only make them confused. Of course, please don't want your dog to deal with BB on your own at night, because they have no ability. Generally, after 4 months, Husky will not urinate at night. Therefore, when they were young, put more newspapers in the house, especially next to their nests.

Is your puppy safe

1. Your home is not easy to let Husky go out of the door or balcony (in China, pay attention, the balcony is closed, at least semi -closed)

2. The guarantee door is closed. When you go out, you must remember to close it, including leaving garbage for a short time.

3. Do not put pesticides, chemicals, etc. are easily obtained by puppies. (Nasal nasal, antifreeze looks delicious, but they have no detoxification-if they eat it, they can only wait to die!)

Remember: If the puppy is poisoned, you can't come back if you kiss

4. Don't take them to a high grass, there are many parasites and fleas inside.

5. Don't put sharp, sharp things around the dog, because your puppy has only two speeds: running at full speed and sleeping. (This is good to play, but this is really the case)

6. To ensure that the puppy lives is warm and dry, if the puppy is born in winter. If the puppy is born in summer, please don't let him play all the time, give him more rest time. In addition, it is necessary to point out that dogs like to bite things, like shoes, chair armrests, curtains, wallpaper, wires, etc.

Please pay special attention not to let them bite the wires. The puppy's teeth are very sharp, just like tiger pliers. Therefore, please check the house carefully and beware of their electric shock.