Feeding and nursing experience of dog dog

Feeding and nursing experience of dog dog

Teddy is a very popular pet. Walking in the streets, parks, communities, etc., people can see people leading the teddy out for a walk everywhere, enjoying the joy and envy of others.

Teddy (details)

How to feed a teddy?

1. Timed quantitative

Timing refers to feeding at the same time every day, so that the dog can form a conditioned reflex.

Quantitative means that the amount of food put in each time should be roughly the same, and it should not be insufficient or full.

2. Master the temperature of the food

The temperature of the feed should be around 40°C to avoid overcooling and overheating.

3. Set tableware and place

Dogs can feel at ease only when they eat in the same place with the same utensils.

4. Pay attention to hygiene

Don't think that dogs are not afraid of getting dirty by crawling on the ground all day.

Feeding and nursing experience of dog dog

Teddy (details)

Teddy is a picky eater, what should I do if it doesn't eat well?

1. Regular feeding. When the dog eats, let the dog develop the habit of concentrating on eating. The owner can limit the dog to finish the meal within 30 minutes. If the dog has not finished eating after 30 minutes, the owner

2. There must be restraint. Keep dogs away from snacks from an early age. Snacks are not a necessity of life. It is okay to try them occasionally, but snacks should never be used as a dog's main meal.

3. The variety of food is rich, and the dog cannot be allowed to eat a certain food or dog food for a long time. In addition, it should be noted that the food cannot be changed at will.

Editor's tip: There are many dietary taboos for teddy dogs. You should pay attention to them. Cat food cannot be given to teddy. The protein content of cat food is too high;

Friends who keep teddy dogs not only want it to eat well, but also regularly clean and care for the teddy dog, which can not only have a cosmetic effect, but also ensure the health of the teddy, the best of both worlds.

Teddy (details)

How to bathe a teddy?

1. Comb the hair to remove dead knots.

2. Take a bath, but remember not to let the pet's mouth and nose get water.

3. Use the special bath liquid for pets to rub the hair from front to back, wash the body first and then the limbs.

4. Rinse against the hair with the nozzle, and fully wash the foam to avoid poisoning when pets lick the hair.

5. Use a large cotton towel to wipe the pet's body and dry it from head to tail.

6. If your pet can adapt to the sound of the hair dryer, it is recommended that you start blowing from the back to the front from the hip, and the hair dryer should not be too close to the pet's skin, so as not to burn their delicate skin.

How to groom a teddy:

1. Special utensils should be used when combing. Hold the back of the comb with your hands, gently swing your wrists, comb horizontally, and use coarse, medium and fine combs alternately.

2. When brushing, the movements should be gentle and meticulous, not rude and reckless, otherwise the dog will suffer pain, and be especially careful when brushing the coat near sensitive parts.

3. Before brushing the coat, if you can wipe the dog's body with a towel soaked in hot water, the coat will be more shiny.

4. For dogs with severe entanglement of fine hairs, a comb or wire brush should be used to comb along the growth direction of the hair, starting from the tip of the hair, and then to the root of the hair, bit by bit, do not comb and pull hard, so as not to cause pain.

Teddy dog, cute and lovable in appearance, docile and lovable.