How does GDV affect dogs?

How does GDV affect dogs?

Reasonable arrangement of diet is the main factor to prevent GDV from

GDV's medical terms are stomach dilatation-reversing syndrome, which is a disease with higher mortality except cancer and infectious diseases. The disease has a certain impact on medium and large dogs. It is not very defined on this disease because it is serious, but its symptoms are obvious. If it is treated in time, there is generally no danger. If it is not serious, it may be delayed for a while, and the dog may die because of this. It can be seen that the best treatment for the disease is timely treatment.

GDV's disease is mostly large dogs with deeper chest cavity. That is, the enhanced version of the stomach, gases, liquids, or solids cause gastric dilatation, which may not have to reverse, leading to abdominal blockage, followed by hypotension, shock, and visceral damage, and may cause death in a few hours.

In the preliminary symptoms of GDV, it is obvious that shrugging stem, but it may not vomit anything or only vomit foam and mucus. If your dog often has such a situation (sometimes he has successfully vomited things, sometimes not), then you must reflect on your feeding method.

Do not let your dog be in a high pressure environment. Stress is considered one of the reasons that cause GDV. This can be regarded as a wide range of suggestions. High pressure can cause a series of problems such as too fast food. This situation may be more common in families with two or more dogs.

In order to avoid GDV, pay more attention to feeding:

1. Try to eat as much meal as much as possible, do not feed only one meal a day, and a lot of meals.

2. Provide a sufficient amount of clean drinking water, but do not drink too much drinking water before or after meals.

3. Do not do more intense exercise immediately before or after meals, exercise, and do it after rest for a while.

How does GDV affect dogs?
Prevent dogs from digestion

Food selection:

1. Usually try to feed wet food as much as possible, and to feed less dry food, especially for puppies, because many owners are not easy to grasp the amount of dry food, and after feeding, a lot of water is fed, which causes the dog to indigenize.

2. Food feeding high -protein, moderate fat, and low carbohydrates.

3. Ensure sufficient fiber (the standard for dog food is more than 3%, which is generally in line, feeding other payments properly).

4. If you feed dry food, you must control the amount, and control the amount of fat.

5. If you feed dry food, avoid choosing dry food containing "citric acid". Even if you have to feed such dry food, do not soak it and then feed the dogs. Do not feed the dog immediately after feeding dog food.

6. If you feed dry food, choose dry food with bone powder in the first four ingredients (the meat powder is generally not removed, and only fresh meat will have bones).

7. Recommended herbal and probiotics can help reduce the possibility of flatulence (there will be mid -to -high -end dog food, feeding other ones can be properly supplemented).

8. Avoid feeding beer yeast and soybean products to increase the possibility of flatulence, but generally better dog food will not contain such objects.

To avoid common medicines of GDV:

In fact, to avoid GDV, you must avoid flatulence. So it is always right to prepare some drugs that help digestion. Lactic acid bacteria tablets are common digestive drugs. They are beautiful and cheap, and more advanced probiotics are targeted at severe diarrhea. Berryi Silicon Silicon East China East is emergency life -saving, which can better eliminate flatulence. In addition, in order to digest well in order to better digestion, it can also feed some yogurt for dogs occasionally, which has certain benefits to their intestines.